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BackOffice Pro (BOP) takes pride in being a sought-after name in the engineering community to outsource engineering services with complex, dynamic, and multi-tiered engineering teams. Knowing the vitality of an engineering team for business and understanding their pressure in terms of outsourcing global challenges, tools and techniques, and professional skills. Backed by flexible full-time equivalents (FTEs) engagement models to support engineering needs, BOP is prepared to address complex engineering challenges.

When you outsource the engineering services team to BackOffice Pro in India, you are assured a seamless process, adhering to the ISO guidelines. As a back-office partner, we pursue new engineering challenges with ingenuity. Our clients also gain reduced fixed R&D capacity costs while generating substantial gains through specialization and scale effects.

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Presentation Drawing
HVAC Duct Design Drafting
architectural 3d modeling service
structural design and drafting
mechanical design outsourcing
Electrical Instrumentation engineering
electrical engineering design services
civil engineering outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing Architectural Projects to BOP

We are a global leader in developing detailed architectural presentation drawings. When you outsource presentation drawing services to BackOffice Pro, you gain access to an array of desirable benefits including:

  • Better ExperienceWhen you outsource engineering to BackOffice Pro, you gain from our experience. We have exposure to a wide array of different
  • Global FootprintOur work speaks for itself. We have had clients from across the world outsourcing their engineering teams to us.
  • SpecialismWe use 100% compliant image processing software such as Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom
  • Mature Engineering Value ChainWith the experience we have gathered over the years, we have matured to the higher echelon of engineering.
  • Difference MakerOur engineering services aggregates over fifteen years of outsource experience to encourage engineering firms to offload

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If you have thought of offloading your engineering projects, our back-office support team in India can be your trusted outsourcing partner. Many companies globally have put their faith in BOPs experience and continue to do so because when they outsource to us, they experience success!