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About Pharmacy Management

Unlocking Efficiency in Pharmacy Benefits Management

Navigating the intricacies of Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) can be daunting for many organizations. The challenges range from a lack of in-depth pharmaceutical industry knowledge, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing escalating costs to handling the administrative burden.

Outsourcing pharmacy management services to BackOffice Pro, provides an effective solution to all pharmacy benefits management problems. With over 15 years of extensive industry expertise and a dedicated team of professionals, we ensure a well-managed drug formulary, compliance, and quality patient care.

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Our Skillsets

Precision in Pharmacy Management Services

As one of the top PBM companies, BackOffice Pro brings vast expertise. Our skilled resources streamline prescription processing for reduced wait times, ensure medication safety, and leverage IT skills for efficient record-keeping.

Prescription Processing

Streamline prescription filling, reducing wait times for patients and providers.

Medication Safety

Prevent medication errors through accurate tracking and verification, prioritizing patient safety.

IT Skills

Proficiency in pharmacy management software for accurate record-keeping and efficient prescription processing.

Coordination Skills

Collaborating with pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and healthcare providers to deliver optimal patient care.

Medication Expertise

Knowledge of medications, including their uses, dosages, side effects, and interactions.

Formulary Management

Optimize medication formularies to maximize cost savings while maintaining high-quality patient care.


Transforming Pharmacy Benefits Management with Our Services

Hire our trained resources to expedite and administer pharmacy benefits management services. Our services help you streamline pharmacy operations and process clean claims.


Prescription Processing

Expedite prescription filling, reducing wait times and ensuring timely medication access.

Inventory Optimization

Optimize pharmaceutical inventory, ensuring essential medications are available while minimizing stockouts

Data Management

Efficiently handle comprehensive pharmaceutical data for accurate records management and analysis.

Formulary Management

Strategically optimize medication formulary for cost-effective choices and improved patient outcomes.

Clinical Program

Expertly create and implement tailored clinical programs for enhanced patient care and better treatment results.

Benefits Administration

Expertly manage pharmacy benefits for optimal insurance coverage and prompt claim processing.


The Benefits We Bring as One of the Top PBM Companies

Our resources offer personalized services, addressing your fluctuating requirements with our extensive industry expertise. Trust in our precision for your pharmacy benefits management.

PBM Expertise

Specific knowledge in pharmacy benefits management ensures precision in patient service delivery.

PBM Insights

Meticulous pharmacy management services ensure precise coverage, facilitating smooth and error-free claim submissions.

Patient-Centric Approach

Our clinical programs are focused on improving medication adherence and patient health outcomes.

Streamlined Operations

As one of the most preferred PBM companies, we optimize pharmacy management services using our experience.

Pharmacy Data Management

We manage pharmaceutical data comprehensively, enabling informed decisions.

Global Outreach

We leverage our eight global delivery centers to provide 24/7 pharmacy management support.

Choose BackOffice Pro to take the next step toward exceptional pharmacy benefits management.