Architectural Presentation Drawing Outsourcing

BackOffice Pro’s (BOP) team of elite professionals have over a decade of experience in delivering architectural presentation drawing services and supporting functions for businesses all over the world. When you outsource presentation drawings to BOP, you gain access to this highly polished team and our highly detailed and specialized architectural presentation drawings with a high degree of competency and experience required to develop quality results.

At times of intensive project overwhelm or work overflow, outsourcing to BackOffice Pro reduces operational costs, stress on internal teams, and lowers the number of errors that occur in first drafts. Our team of architectural engineers are highly experienced in creating the best quality drawings from rough sketches, creating impressive presentation materials. Contact our team using our online form to initiate your project support services.

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Architectural Drawing Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is an global industry leader in providing presentation drawing services for the architectural industry. Our skill sets include:

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  • Depth of experience, and years of hand-on industry experience in developing architectural drawings.
  • Experience in utilizing the most advanced software and hardware technologies on the market to deliver seamless architectural presentation drawings.
  • Well versed in all the advanced tools including AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Corona Renderer, V-Ray, Rhino, Grasshopper, and others.
  • Knowledge of compliance with regional laws and regulations to develop architectural presentation drawings.

Architectural Presentation Drawing Architectural Presentation Drawing

We have over a decade of in-depth experience providing presentation drawing services across a wide range of industry types worldwide. Our services include:

  • Retail Space Design We ensure that retail spaces are fully optimized including spatial planning, dimensions, construction documents, and all other critical requirements.
  • Site Planning Our team has vast experience in planning construction sites to account for the dimensions, location details, potential challenges, and all other pertinent factors that affect the project.
  • Floor Plans BackOffice Pro produces fully inclusive, industry-leading digital floor plan drawings for a broad range of business types including school planning, emergency exit plans, industrial floor spaces, and any other industry.
  • Elevation Drawings We create highly detailed elevation drawings of both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring that every aspect of building sites, surrounding zones, and a wide range of other considerations are taken into account.
  • Construction Documents Our team has the ability to create all the required supporting documents for any construction project. These documents and reports ensure accuracy is maintained, and planning is fully inclusive.
  • Presentation Assistance BackOffice Pro supports every step of the process leading up to the delivery of a presentation. We make use of the highest quality resources to deliver the most engaging presentation material.

Benefits of Outsourcing Architectural Projects to BOP

We are a global leader in developing detailed architectural presentation drawings. When you outsource presentation drawing services to BackOffice Pro, you gain access to an array of desirable benefits including:

  • Quality Guarantee Our team operates along iterative guidelines, ensuring that consistent quality control and continuous improvement processes are followed. We develop key strategies for the creation of the highest quality deliverables.
  • Best Tools BackOffice Pro’s teams operate on consistently-updated, cutting-edge systems. Our iterative, proven internal protocols, combined with the latest and greatest hardware and software make our elite teams all the more effective and productive.
  • Cost SavingsOutsourcing your project overflow to our team saves a vast amount of money compared to developing a dedicated internal team. Our years of experience and technological prowess make BackOffice Pro hard to emulate.
  • Data SecurityWhen you outsource presentation drawings to BackOffice Pro, you gain access to our highly comprehensive internal processes dedicated to the constant protection of your key data. Our team adheres to global ISO 9001 regulations for data integrity.
  • Rapid Results Our globally-positioned team of highly productive professionals enable our team to deliver 24/6 work and progress on every project. Our turnaround times are short, while retaining our high benchmark for quality.
  • Engineering Excellence We select the most talented individuals from around the globe, including industry-leading engineers, architects, and a multitude of related professions to ensure total consistent quality in our results.

Architectural Presentation Drawing Outsourcing

BackOffice Pro leads the way in delivering top-quality architectural presentation drawing services on a global scale. When you outsource presentation drawings to BackOffice Pro, you gain access to a highly diverse team of immensely skilled engineering professionals with over a decade of experience. Our iterative, comprehensive approach enables us to create the most appealing and accurate architectural presentation services. Reach out to our team using the contact form on our website to get your architectural presentation drawing project off the ground as soon as possible.