Outsource Computational Fluid Dynamics Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) supports the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using numerical analysis and data to figure out the problems in the fluid flows. Our CFD engineers calculate accurately to analyze the free flow of the fluid along with its interaction with the surface with boundaries. We have a decade of experience in engineering simulation to improve the engineering design performance and the quality, increasing energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint. Outsource computational fluid dynamics services to BOP in India to get the best solution.

BOP’s CFD design optimization report is an important input for the manufacturing companies across multiple industries that helps to shape the products from ideation and realization. We deliver engineering solutions like combustion analysis, aerodynamic analysis, multiphase flow analysis, thermal analysis, and more. Contact us today to discuss your engineering requirements in detail.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation Skill Sets at BOP

The BOP team of CFD engineers have vast experience in providing the CFD simulation and analysis possessing the below skillsets:

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  • Expert in performing engineering calculations, design, and analysis required to maintain the performance of the products
  • Proficient in write engineering reports detailing the CFD analysis
  • Have strong knowledge in thermo-sciences, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, knowledge of vibration, structural and fluid mechanics
  • Experienced in working with CFD tools such as FLUENT, Star CCM+, CFD solver experience -FLUENT
  • Adept in CFD preprocessor - ANSA or ICEM, FEA, structural analysis experience (ABAQUS, Hypermesh)
  • Proven working experience in solving flow problems – both water and air -- using CFD modeling
  • Seasoned in working with ANSYS FLUENT, Gambit, ANSYS meshing tools, and/or Design Modeler

CFD Analysis Services at BOP

Our team of engineers is instrumental while creating the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to our clients from all across the world. Here is the list of services:

  • Combustion and Heat Transfer Analysis

    BOP experts offer combustion and heat transfer analysis which includes modeling of chemical species distribution, fluid dynamic stimulation, fuel mixing analysis, engine emission analysis, flame analysis, and elemental analysis.

  • Turbomachinery Analysis

    Our turbomachinery analysis involves fluid dynamics analysis, simulation, and fluid captivation, optimizing the propeller blade design, thermal heat transfer analysis, and 3D modeling.

  • Aerodynamic Analysis and Flow Visualization

    We offer the computational fluid analysis of turbine blade designs, HVAC applications, airborne particle transport, vortex shedding, wind-farm analysis, etc. when it comes to aerodynamic analysis and flow visualization.

  • Multiphase Flow Analysis

    BOP CFD engineers do CFD flow analysis of the free surface, simulation and tracking of the dispersion, reacting flows and concentration distribution, design optimization of the fuel injection, and fluid spray.

  • Pressure and Heat Distribution Analysis

    We analyze the heat distribution, heat flow, heat exchange between the models, and temperature gradient by performing the thermal analysis using Ansys, Gambit, etc.

  • Incompressible & Compressible Fluid Flow

    BOP offers the fluid flow analysis for the incompressible fluid with constant density and compressible fluid with variable density and their characteristics at different temperatures.

  • Steady-State & Transient Flows

    We measure the transient flow hat migrates over the boundary and the steady-state flow of the fluid in which the pressure reaches all boundaries, but static pressure of the boundary remains steady.

  • HVAC Airflow Dynamics

    We also offer dynamic airflow analysis to find out the balancing and control of the airflow in the duct and if the system is adjusting to the airflow uniformly at the desired temperature.

Benefits of Availing CFD Analysis Services from BOP

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation services form BOP represents precision and accuracy along with certain benefits as below:

  • Get reliable CFD results faster with our the CFD simulation capabilities, and validate your engineering designs
  • Predict the unexpected fluid flow performance and uncover design configurations.
  • Test the flow and heat transfer processes accurately theoretically stimulating the physical conditions
  • Get a clear report on the performance with the thermal and flow parameters.

Enhance Product Performance with CFD Analysis from BOP

Ameliorate product performance while optimizing your product designs and the manufacturing process. BOP CFD engineers perform the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, product designs, quality control, product design and development, manufacturing process planning and automation, and more. Contact us to know more about our CFD analysis services and outsourcing your requirements to us can enhance your engineering phases.