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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a reputed back-office support provider that caters specifically to global e-commerce product photographers,and photo studios during project influxes or skill shortages.

When you outsource e-commerce product photo editing to BOP, you save on costs, time and effort involved in engaging an in-house editing team. At BOP, our wide range of services includes background removal, white and transparent background, color correction, removal of blemishes, e-commerce image clipping, and translucent masking.

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eCommerce Image Clipping Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BOP’s image editing specialists follow ISO quality processes while delivering high-quality product photo retouching and editing back office support. Our e-commerce photo editing team has the following skill sets:

  • Experience in working with e-commerce image editing
  • Proven expertise and working knowledge of the latest editing tools including Adobe Photoshop, and LightRoom
  • Ability to execute sound e-commerce product photo editing including clipping path, masking, background removal, transparent background, lighting and contrast adjustments, refine image edges, handle noise, adjust contrast, correct blur, etc.
  • Ability to edit e-commerce images quickly and deftly and well versed in e-commerce image enhancement
  • Able to identify e-commerce image flaws swiftly and correct wrong image alignment, distortions, etc.
  • Expert knowledge of marketplace image guidelines for Amazon, eBay, Itsy, etc.
  • Knowledge of online store image guidelines etc., for Weeble We make product photos ready for online platforms like Woocommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Yo! Kart, Squarespace, Big Cartel, etc.
  • Able to efficiently execute batch editing for similar e-commerce images
  • Proven expertise in digital image editing, color composition, etc.
  • An eye for detail, visually aesthetic and able to deliver to short time periods
  • Ability to draw precision vector cuts and create clean white or transparent backgrounds conducive to e-commerce online sales
  • Ability to cut out noisy, blurry, faint backgrounds with ease

eCommerce Image Clipping Services We Offer

BOP has provided back-office support to thousands of image editing providers globally. We primarily cater to product photographers. Our range of high-quality product photo retouching services is perfect for apparel, toys, home appliances, automobiles, furniture, medical equipment, electronics, jewels, watches, etc.

Our e-commerce product photo editing services include but is not limited to the following:

  • Clipping Path At BPO, skilled and trained image editors create a hand drawn clipping path (vector path) around your product photos using Adobe Photoshop. We can also provide multiple clipping paths for color correction and photo retouching.
  • Background Removal and Background Change At BOP we effectively remove backgrounds from images, resize, and change any background into a white background or transparent background ensuring marketplace image compliance for Amazon, e-bay, etc.
  • Ghost Mannequin Effect At BOP, we create hollow or ghost mannequin effects, widely used in e-commerce apparel product photos. The ghost mannequin effect is cost advantageous and reduces the necessity of using humans to display products.
  • 3D Models At BOP, we aid with 3D models of each product, perfect for online stores or marketplaces. Thisis mainly used in the sports goods, electronics, apparel and fashion industry where potential customers prefer a 360-degree view of the product.
  • Color Correction & Editing We correct excess/less color, hues and contrast. We tune color temperature, white balance, brightness, shadows, highlights, and saturation to correct lackluster photos.
  • Photo Cleansing We use different Photoshop tools to clean product photos and give them a brand new look. We use the clone stamp tool, brush tool, pen tool and others for removing dust, scratches, spots, and blemishes.
  • Rotating, Straightening & Cropping At BOP our skilled image editors ensure each image is correctly aligned. We rotate images in steps of 90 degrees or fine-tune the rotation angle.
  • Raster to Vector We draw each image and trace it to accurately reproduce it as either an illustrator vector file or into a predefined user format, and return your images in the requested formats - JPEG, EPS, AI, PSD, TIFF, PNG,and GIF.
  • Image Cropping We clip/crop a product photo from its original image and place on a sustainable background. Also, unnecessary borders or objects removed.
  • Addition of Watermark At BOP, skilled image editors prevent unauthorized usage of product photos with watermark placement or logos on every product image.
  • Shadows Shadows and reflections enhance a photo, making the subject pop on the page. At BOP, our skilled image editing team works on oval shadows, drop shadows, reflections, and cast shadows.
  • Noise Reduction At BOP our professional photo re-touchers eliminate extra noise from unclear, grainy and blurred images and transform them into product photos that sell products.
  • Unwanted Element Removal We use professional editing tools and cut out unwanted elements including skin blemishes, remove spots, lens glare, and scratches from faces, smooth fabric wrinkles, enhance natural skin textures, and add shadows to make models appear more natural.
  • Masking Natural layer masking, clarity/transparency masking, and alpha channel masking techniques lend your product images a lifelike feel. We also create shadows around your product images so that they look three-dimensional.
  • Setting Margins We add or remove margins from e-commerce photos and set margins to give your product photos a unique look.
  • Marketplace Compliance Our expert image editors edit every product photo following online marketplace image guidelines for online marketplaces like Amazon, e-bay, Itsy, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing with BackOffice Pro

At BOP, our well-edited product images make an online store more persuasive and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Our benefits include the below:

  • Quality Processes At BOP, we ensure 99 percent SLA adherence while editing e-commerce images.
  • Work Ease Efficiently edit e-commerce product photos for any volume of images of any size.
  • Consistent e-commerce Product Catalogs Get consistent e-commerce product catalogs with high-quality, high-resolution digital product images across all product ranges
  • Web Ready Product Photos Our web ready e-commerce product photos can be published immediately online e-Commerce Marketplace Compliance: Ensure e-commerce sales with eye-catching product photos that conform to product photo requirements for online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • Expand Customer Base Quality product photos with succinct clear white or transparent backgrounds, induce purchasing and impact sales, thereby leading to an expanded client base.
  • Better Campaigns Hike online sales with white or transparent background images that focus solely on the product and induce purchases
  • Bulk Processing Effectively edit e-commerce images in client designated batches and save time and costs on bulk processing.
  • Visual Impact Convert dull and boring image backgrounds into white or transparent backgrounds and create stunning product images that visually impact potential customers.
  • Any Volume Editing At BOP, you can efficiently edit any volume of e-commerce images of any size
  • Output Flexibility Full etching on a white or transparent background and output in the exact format you require: TIF, PNG, JPG.


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Outsource e-commerce Product Photo Editing and Retouching Requirements

At BOP, our e-commerce product photo retouching back office support is fast, efficient and available at the most affordable costs.

For efficient product photo editing support from a reputed image editing firm, fill in our contact form, call or email us today. Tell us your back-office requirement and receive a free quote within one business day.