Outsource Data Visualization Services

Certain aspects of data can only be noticed and explained once presented graphically. For this, BackOffice Pro provides a unique solution of transforming raw data into meaningful visualizations to enhance understanding. Research and analytics firms will find definite value in our PowerPoint Presentation and Data Visualization service as it will help them present complex relationships, links, and determinants within large datasets to their non-statistical customers.

BackOffice Pro’s professional visualizations condense a large amount of information into a simple and interesting presentation, allowing easy comprehension of the numbers involved. We assemble mixed teams of experienced data analysts and creative designers to assist businesses in developing engaging, top-end presentations. These teams have a natural skill for pattern matching and organizing visual cues to build understanding, and are equipped to process visual information efficiently. Furthermore, outsourcing this service eliminates the time-consuming and expensive process of training an in-house team that may not be able to deliver the same high standard presentation suited for a senior-level business audience.

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BOP’s Vast Range of Data Visualization Services

BackOffice Pro’s Data Visualization Services include

  • Data Management - Integration of disparate datasets from multiple sources into a single inclusive database. Detailed dataset analysis to maintain accuracy, uniformity, and currency.
  • Data Analysis - Optimization of data usage throughout the storyline illustration process. Our team makes use of the top data mining and exploration technologies to produce striking analyses, patterns, and connections.
  • Data Visualization - Harnessing of the latest technologies to transform the raw data into meaningful imagery that is easy to absorb.
  • Presentation Design - We produce high-end custom presentations using PowerPoint or your preferred alternative. We pride ourselves on fostering artistic links between visual brand identity and presentation content to produce a seamless result.

Data Visualization Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

We develop custom teams by selecting the most skilled analysts and creative designers to craft the data into relatable presentations, dynamic dashboards, infographics, and other accessible visual media.

  • Broad data visualization expertise - Analysts with years of experience blending data analysis and creative design via cutting edge visualization tools.
  • Specialization in architecting enterprise solutions with visualizations & data-discovery tools (Tableau, QlikView, Spotfire, Looker, and D3, etc.).
  • Business-oriented knowledge of statistical planning, marketing, supply chains, ERP/MRP, databases, and a strong understanding of financial forecasting.
  • Ability to turn large data sets into graphic or interactive visualizations for a variety of media and presentation platforms.
  • Experience in utilizing key business tools to retrieve and manage data on graphic representation, including SAP Business Objects, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Advanced data integration capabilities on integrating disparate sources and creating additional knowledge.
  • Cutting-edge big data handling capabilities, as well as managing data inferred from multiple media sources including the IoT and distributed computing.
  • Experience in working with user interfaces, multimedia, web applications, editorial design, and brand design, while incorporating multiple technologies and design strategies, which include procedural illustrations for use in motion and data visualization.
  • Expertise in illustration and infographic design for static and dynamic presentations in both print and digital formats.
  • Expertise in graphics and visualization tools such as Adobe CS Suite including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Flash.
  • Exceptional motion design capabilities making use of Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4Dperience.
  • Far-reaching knowledge of designing user interfaces and web interface details for a variety of mobile and interactive applications.

Benefits of Availing Our PowerPoint Presentation Services

Benefits of partnering with BOP for your data visualization needs include:

  • Collected data is integrated, analyzed, and represented to have the exact same meaning - a process that is vital to the success of financial consultants, venture capitalists, business intelligence professionals, market intelligence professionals, investment bankers, and other key industry players.
  • Cleverly designed visual content - including PowerPoint presentations, interactive dashboards, and dynamic charts - allows top management decision-makers access to competitive knowledge.
  • Due to our expansive experiential knowledge covering multiple industries, our team is familiar with the best practices related to evolving visual design and global trends. In partnering with us, you share in our knowledge base.
  • We offer data analysts with designers to deliver the optimum benefits from both areas of expertise to eliminate capability gaps efficiently.
  • We make use of our team’s extensive skills and experience to give you the flexibility to scale the workforce upward or downward as the volume of work fluctuates. You have the freedom to select a custom full-time equivalent schedule or opt for contract-based hourly rates.

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