Drafting Landscape Outsourcing Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a leading landscape drafting service provider in India catering to landscape designers, architects, and contractors from different countries. We provide 2D drafting and CAD services for master planning, site planning and designing, site evaluation, cost estimation, and complete project management. We convert 2D designs of section, elevation into different file formats like .dwg, dgn, .dxf, etc.

The highly skilled drafting team at BOP offers a plethora of design and drafting and modeling solutions to our clients, giving a 360-degree view and 3D walkthrough of the interior and exterior of a building. Whether it’s a new construction site or re-modeling the existing area of a building, BackOffice Pro is ready to assist you in your project requirement. Outsource landscape drafting services to BOP to offload your tasks.

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Landscape Design and Drafting Skillsets at BOP

Our team is proficient in providing various engineering services. Landscape drafting is value addition in the construction project. Below are the skillsets that we possess:

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  • In-depth knowledge of the various landscape elements like plantation, lighting, outdoor furniture, energy conservation, etc.
  • Expert in the landscape drafting, 3D modeling, and rendering
  • Through knowledge on energy modeling and conservation, Net zero concepts and GIS
  • Proficient in site grading, paving designs, walls, structures, site lighting, planting, and irrigation design
  • Highly skilled in drafting the layout of land uses for buildings and other facilities like garden, waterfronts, swimming pool
  • Strong knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D, SketchUp, Lumion, Adobe Creative Suite, and Vector works.
  • Knowledge in the adoption of BIM concepts in landscape workflow like Revit family creation, Modeling, etc
  • Experience in budgeting and take off/cost estimation of landscaping elements

Professional Landscape Design Services BOP Offers

BOP has a pool of engineers catering to beautiful landscape design and drafting services along with various engineering needs under one roof. Here is the list of the landscape design services:

  • 2D Drafting and Detailing of Landscape Design

    BackOffice Pro team provides ideal 2D drafting of landscape detailing the home, the open space, slopes, dimensions, area, estimation, and take-up information. This is helpful for better modeling.

  • BIM/Revit Modelling

    We deliver Revit BIM modeling for landscape drafting, structural, architectural, MEFP and mechanical disciplines for creating building products. BOP experts also support Revit Family of electrical cables, trays, switches, mechanical equipment, and plumbing fit-outs.

  • Master Planning

    We incorporate every detail of the landscape project like parks, urban redesign plans, streetscape elements in the drafting. We perform the assessment of the existing condition, feasibility study, conceptual designs, contact documents, and construction cost.

  • 3D Modeling and Sectional Views

    We offer a 3D sectional view of each area of the landscape design, including roof, terrace planters, pedestal, root space, decking, lights to provide an accurate and realistic view of the landscape.

  • Site Analysis and Evaluation

    BackOffice Pro architects are experienced in evaluating the property site in detail like frame views, focal points, natural light, based on which we plan the exclusive landscape design.

  • Project management

    BOP experts are committed to managing, control and lead all the drafting needs for landscape construction. We dedicated to managing the project drafting and design in every stage of the construction and seamlessly help in the completion within time and budget with quality.

  • Drainage & Grading

    BOP supports the drainage and grading planning, creating design and drafting for the porous surface areas, with underground drainage pipes and retention wells to allow the water to percolate naturally.

  • Take-off and Cost estimation

    Landscape drafting services also accompany the cost and time estimation by our highly experienced architects and engineers. Get a clear design and drafting of the landscape to add value to your construction project.

  • 3D Rendering and Walkthrough Presentations

    At BOP, we create a 3D walkthrough and rendering of the landscape design covering the garden, parks, roads, trees, the building exterior, etc along with the natural light direction, shadows, and reflection to give a realistic view.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Landscape Design and Drafting Services to BOP

BackOffice Pro landscape design and drafting solutions accompany the following advantages that we offer to all our clients:

  • Increase the property value with our beautiful landscapes drafting
  • Reduce the energy cost of your project with BOP’s landscaping modeling
  • Get an insight into the environmental benefits of landscaping construction
  • Get access to the digital copies of drawings
  • Integrate the landscape design with cost and time estimating software

Hire BOP and Get Excellent Landscape Design and Drafting Solutions

With a wide range of engineering services, BackOffice Pro holds hands with construction companies and architects to support them with world-class landscape design services. Our experts have years of experience in creating a master plan, site planning and analysis, cost estimation, and 3D modeling of the designs. Contact us to discuss your project and let us assist you.