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At BackOffice Pro, we understand the challenges businesses face with in-house precharting service- from the need for specialized expertise and the time-consuming nature of the task to the high costs and potential for errors. Outsource precharting to BackOffice Pro, and we help healthcare businesses of all sizes to overcome precharting challenges.

Our resources are adept at handling the intricacies of precharting, ensuring accuracy and consistency while saving you time and resources. Our skilled resources manage your precharting needs efficiently, reducing the risk of errors. We also understand the critical importance of regulatory compliance, and our resources are well-trained to adhere to the highest standards of regulatory guidelines.

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Our Skillsets

Outsource Precharting: Our Skills that Bring Precision and Efficiency

Utilize our exceptional skills to enhance precision and efficiency in your precharting process. Our multiple skill sets provide a well-rounded service that covers every aspect of your precharting needs.

Expert Knowledge

Proficiency in medical terminologies and healthcare processes ensures precharting needs are effectively met.

Data Entry Skills

BackOffice Pro resources guarantee minimal errors and maximum accuracy with their adept data entry skills.

EMR Systems Familiarity

Experienced with various EMR systems ensures seamless data integration and synchronization.

Chart Creation Expertise

Our resources create detailed, high-quality medical charts for comprehensive patient data overviews.

Tech Proficiency

Command over the latest industry technology ensures efficient, secure handling of your medical data.

Verification & Digital Conversion

Meticulous verification process ensuring the error-free transition of medical charts into digital formats.


Transforming Medical Documentation with Medical Charting Services


Prechart Assessment

Delving into information already accessible within your clinic or medical practice to understand precharting needs.

Prechart Entry

Carrying out precise and accurate medical data entry into designated prechart software, reducing the risk of errors.

EMR Synchronization

Enhancing traceability and accountability to integrate into existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

Creation of Medical Charts

Developing detailed and high-quality medical charts for physicians, providing them with an overview of patient data.

Digital Conversion of Charts

Performing thorough verification and eliminating errors in medical charts before transitioning them into digital format.

Supplementary Assistance

Offering additional support, including resolving concerns and regular updates related to precharting services.


Outsource Precharting Services for a Meaningful Healthcare Engagement

At BackOffice Pro, we manage comprehensive precharting services for you - from reviewing the details of previous visits and sending timely appointment reminders to organizing necessary tests prior to the next appointment. We aim to ensure every minute of your interaction with your patients is focused and meaningful.

Unmatched Accuracy

Outsource Precharting to us and benefit from our high accuracy rate, ensuring reliable and error-free medical records.

Swift Turnaround

Efficient processes and an experienced team guarantee quick turnaround times for all precharting tasks.

Enhanced Productivity

By managing high volumes of precharting work within specific time frames, we boost your operational productivity.

Client-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our success. Our high customer satisfaction scores reflect our commitment to delivering quality services.

Strict Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring precharting tasks are compliant and mitigating any legal risks for your healthcare practice.

Global Reach

With eight strategically located delivery centers, we offer round-the-clock medical charting services, ensuring timely support worldwide.

Make the Right Choice

Outsource Precharting to BackOffice Pro

Outsource precharting services for unmatched precision and efficiency in medical charting.