Outsource Solidworks Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) exults to be the unparalleled destination in India to outsource Solidworks services. Over a decade, our mechanical engineers delivered product design and development to various product manufacturing companies worldwide. We create 3D models, product assemblies, accurate drafting coupled with drawings, reports, and in-depth analysis and design performance drawings. With a flexible full-time equivalent (FTEs), we help you analyze the 3D dimensions, tolerances, datum, bill-of-materials (BOM), annotations, notes, assembly specifications, request for quiet (RFQ), and incoming inspection reports.

As your back-office partner, we specialize in the Solidworks package and meet up to your expectations with accurate clash reports, photorealistic rendering, and 3D modeling. We adhere to the ISO guidelines and undertake multilayered quality checks to ensure precision in product design output. With our knowledge base, we cater to various industries with a vast array of Solidworks support.

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SolidWorks Services Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

When you decide to outsource SolidWorks services to a professional team, BackOffice Pro is here to assist. As one of the brilliant providers of Solidworks services in India, we produce high-quality deliverables in pre-agreed time. Here at BPO, you get an access to the following skillsets:

Solidworks Skillsets
  • Years of working experience with Solidworks
  • Expert in creating mold design, cast parts, sheet metal design, CAM works, etc
  • Proficient in creating symmetry and basic patterns, making design changes and editing errors
  • Adept knowledge with assembly drawing, multi-body part design, design tables, curves and splines, boundary and loft features
  • An in-depth concept on drawings, configurations, and display states
  • Expert in developing solid and surface hybrid modeling
  • Ace with the advanced filleting techniques, advanced mates, top-down design
  • Mastery in simulation, stress analysis to understand the design functionality and factor of safety
  • Highly experienced in kinematics/motion analysis/mechanisms, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Solidworks Services at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro, as one of the best engineering companies, offers you full-scope SolidWorks services in India. All our services are handled by teams of experienced professionals specializing in the functionalities of SolidWorks. Before you outsource SolidWorks services to BackOffice Pro, feel free to check the complete list of services we offer:

  • 3D CAD BackOffice Pro’s Solidworks experts can create the intuitive 3D design and product development solutions. Conceptualize, create, manage, evaluate, communicate, and transform product ideas into great product designs. Our Solidworks 3D CAD solutions deliver product development output at a shorter time at a reduced cost and improved quality.
  • 2D Drafting Outsource SolidWorks services BOP experts to create 2D drafting for architectural, structural, and civil engineering project requirements when a model is built in a Solidworks platform. We develop product design documents for manufacturing and the prototyping process. Our drawings are easy to search, archive, edit and modify based on the requirements.
  • Electrical Design Simplify and streamline your electrical product design with BackOffice Pro experts and create intuitive interfaces to facilitate embedded electrical system designs faster. Get an accurate control panel, electrical routing designs availing of an integrated electro-mechanical collaboration solution.
  • Data and Product Lifecycle ManagementWork with BackOffice Pro keeps the key member of your project on track. We assist you in improving your data and product lifecycle management with a cloud-based environment to collaborate and get valuable instant insights on the project in a unified space.
  • Simulation Solution Outsource Solidworks services to the BOP to virtually the product performance in the real-world scenario. We test the designs with the in-built tools and simulate the fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces to check the product’s criticality and raise the product quality with 4D simulation and manufacturing cost estimation.
  • Plastic Injection and Mold Designs Predict the manufacturing defects in the plastic parts and injection mold designs eliminating manufacturing defects and expensive reworks, while improving the part quality. We analyze the flow of melted plastic, evaluate the part manufacturability in the design phase.
  • Design Integration With the BOP, experts integrate design and manufacturing in one application by connecting your design and manufacturing teams in one 3D model. Optimize your product design for manufacturability in the design phase of bridging the time gaps and ruling out the risk of failure.
  • Documentation Streamline your product documentation with BPO experts. Efficiently create high-quality and error-free product inspection reports with automating the input of product manufacturing information (PMI) and 3d files. This helps in minimizing the time to record inspection measurements.
  • Millwork Drafting BOP engineers are experienced in producing accurate and highly detailed millwork shop drafts for metal or woodwork assemblies and structures.
  • Prototyping BOP can provide drafts for normal or rapid prototyping, creating SolidWorks 3D models using the In-context feature to allow for changes to be made easily and quickly.
  • Part / Assembly and Drawing Creation BOP team is an expert in creating part and assembly drawings in SolidWorks, and exporting 2D CAD drawings as isometric drafts or plans and elevations.
  • Modeling for Automation BOP creates models that can be reused or used in automated design processes. We can also automatically create optimized models using SolidWorks advanced generative design features.
  • Presentations and Animations BOP can create slick and informative presentations or animations to showcase your product, part, assembly, or structure with high-quality that impresses decision-makers, investors, stakeholders, government agencies, and other interested parties.
  • Structural Analysis BOP can perform a full range of structural analyses on the SolidWorks 3D model. Using simulation tools and specialist analysis plug-ins, BOP engineers, run tests and make changes if necessary or requested.
  • Thermodynamics and thermal performance BOP provides a thermodynamic and thermal analysis of designs with detailed reports and recommendations based on the simulations and analysis data.
  • Rendering and Visualization BOP engineers apply SolidWorks to create 3D rendering from 2D drawings or sketches. From these 3D models, we create attractive visualizations to showcase the models clearly and effectively.

Benefits of Outsourcing SolidWorks Services to BackOffice Pro

It’s not easy to decide to outsource SolidWorks services as it is vital for the success of your product. BackOffice Pro, as the best company providing Solidworks services in India, has a team of trustworthy and competent people with a pristine reputation in the field. Here are some benefits of working together with BackOffice Pro:

  • Get accurate 3D product designs to further your design validation, prototype development, and manufacturing process
  • Communicate and share all project-related information with all departments in real-time
  • Have complete control and insight into designs from anywhere around the clock
  • Assess multi-physics simulation data and plans for manufacturing
  • Get accurate simulation report for the products, including heat analysis and free flow analysis
  • Detect and eliminate risk and errors in the design phase to avoid product failure after manufacturing
  • Plan, execute and monitor tasks and entire project status in real-time available for all team members

Outsource SolidWorks Services Projects to BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro an outsourcing partner for the engineering companies, the BOP team has in-depth knowledge across the Solidworks modules, which helps us to assist our client in attaining their product design and development needs, which is not limited to design reuse and automation, interference check, photorealistic rendering, CAD standard checking, CAM programming, etc. Contact us to discuss your unique project needs, and know-how to outsource Solidworks services requirements to us.