About Us
Back Office Pro

For much of the last decade, Back Office Pro has offered exceptional levels of quality to each of our customers in countries around the globe including in the United States, Canada, Australia, and throughout Europe. With staff on hand that can handle a wide range of corporate needs, we have experience in film and video editing, illustration and artwork, engineering assistance, medical and scientific research, media analysis and research, research and analytics, data management, photo editing and transcription.

As part of the Flatworld Solutions´ web network, BackOfficePro.com is poised to offer exceptional levels of service backed up by careful adherence to ISO quality standards and an ongoing commitment to high levels of accuracy, quality and quick turnaround times. Our goal then is to ensure that when you need assistance maintaining the speed and accuracy of your own business’s offerings, you have a trusted partner you can turn to.

Quality Guaranteed in Every Project We Undertake

Back Office Pro hires and utilizes staff members that are the best in their respective field, further ensuring quality by following ISO quality standards and maintaining constant training and regular quality checks for all of our staff. We place teamwork and integrity at the center of our business and expect each of our specialists to work within an ecosystem that is designed to foster creativity and exceptional work ethic while maintaining the level of quality you expect from an offshore firm.

A Full Range of Services Designed to Match Your Needs

One of the reasons we have been able to stand out among our competitors and become a trusted partner for so many of the companies we work with is that we offer a full range of services across the spectrum of medium sized business, corporations and entrepreneurship. This allows us to provide for whatever needs you might have, from production of a feature film to due diligence before a major merger or transcription of thousands of hours of audio or video content.

We further strive to offer what our customers need by customizing services to match those needs. While our staff is trained to provide specific services, we will customize the finished product and ensure that the format, style, and finished product you have in mind is exactly what you will receive.

Confidentiality and Security Guaranteed

We understand how important it is, if you outsource any internal tasks that are information sensitive to an offshore firm, to know that your property and rights are protected. That’s why Back Office Pro follows careful security procedures to ensure all information we receive is kept strictly confidential at all times. From physical access points to data centers and work spaces to NDAs signed by all staff members and a proprietary VPN server in-house to make secure transfers with clients, we work tirelessly to maintain a highly secure network and work structure and protect your information.

Choosing Back Office Pro is the Right Choice

For years we have worked with a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses in rural towns to startups just getting off the ground. We understand the needs of your company and therefore maintain a focus on providing exceptional service in as many ways as possible - from quick turnaround time to guaranteed quality and rates that you can afford.

We ensure that every project has an SLA with a 99.5% completion rate and strict TAT and delivery guidelines so that every objective and goal is met on a daily basis and you are never let wondering what is next or when you will receive your finished work product.


Contact Back Office Pro today and learn why we are a trusted member of the global community and a perfect partner for your business.