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BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers end to end geospatial services to global clients to help them with high-quality geospatial data collection and analysis. With trained and skilled resources and global quality processes, BOP is an ideal offsite partner allowing businesses to outsource geospatial services. BOP’s works towards result oriented multi-disciplinary GIS and geospatial services have helped hundreds of clients to get best in class mapping services. Helping clients focus on core operations as well as innovations by integrating IT with GIS, BOP provides resource support for a wide range of geospatial data related business activities.

BOP’s team of dedicated GIS specialists help with geospatial data collection as well as analysis using exhaustive digital GIS databases. Helping civil engineers, contractors, urban planners, governing authorities, BOP helps with GIS, LiDAR, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, 3D city Modeling, Spatial data conversion, remote-sensing, CAD, and BIM related requirements.

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Skillset of GIS Specialists at BackOffice Pro

BOP has a team of GIS specialists who are well-versed with the above-noted technologies and empowers clients to get the best out of their technology spends and requirements. BOP’s team of GIS professionals come with the following skill sets –

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  • Graduate degree in civil engineering, environmental science, or Geography or related fields.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in working with GIS mapping projects
  • Certification in ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online
  • Highly skilled with handling and management of GIS data
  • Superior data analysis and communication skills
  • Adaptability to working with cross-cultural, multi-location teams

BackOffice Pro’s Geospatial Services

As one of the top geospatial companies from India, BOP helps clients with smart, highly accurate, reliable, and affordable GIS and geospatial services. Here are some of the services offered by BOP’s team of skilled GIS specialists.

  • Photogrammetric BOP helps clients synchronize both high-speed imaging as well as remote sensing abilities to get the exact location and helps create position-based maps.
  • Planimetric Mapping BOP helps clients capture both the natural and humanmade planes to help get the right planimetric maps.
  • Orthophoto Production BOP’s geospatial data services help clients create accurate base maps that are highly reliable.
  • Topographic Mapping BackOffice Pro’s team of GIS specialists helps clients update topographic maps that are highly accurate.
  • Terrain Modelling BOP combines various geospatial mapping tools to get the right digital terrain models that help understand a region better.
  • LiDAR Mapping BOP offers high-resolution specialized LiDAR maps that meet complex client requirements.

Benefits of BackOffice Pro’s Geospatial Services

As a geospatial information system provider, BOP offers some unmatched advantages:

  • BOP has decades of experience in handling GIS related data and helps clients understand and use complex information.
  • BOP’s team of GIS specialists are well trained in 2D/3D imaging and web mapping that help clients get highly accurate geospatial images.
  • BOP’s global locations allow us to respond to the client without delay and also work with client work shifts to help work as an extension to the in-house team.
  • ISO certified processes enable clients to keep client data safe while meeting deadlines for all projects.
  • BOP signs strict NDA and also sticks to SLAs to ensure the assignments are delivered as required.

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BOP is a leader in providing the right resources for the right engineering projects. Having worked with multiple complex projects and helped hundreds of clients, BOP is a trustworthy resource support partner for all engineering support projects.

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