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Outsource Live Chat Services to Streamline Your Customer Interactions

The high costs and complexities of managing in-house live chat can often feel like a Herculean task. At BackOffice Pro, we provide scalable live chat support services. When you outsource chat support to BackOffice Pro, you ensure quality interactions and unwavering customer support. We transform your customer service into a force to be reckoned with.

With over 15 years of experience in providing live chat support services, BackOffice Pro has been a trusted partner for many of our clients. Whether the problem of seasonal fluctuation in demand or inconsistent customer traffic, outsource live chat to BackOffice Pro, our robust live chat support services ensure quality responses and seamless system integration.

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Our Skills

Customer Interactions: Our Skills in Providing Chat Support Services

Outsource live chat and experience superior customer interactions with BackOffice Pro. Showcasing skills in communication, problem-solving, product knowledge, and effective time management.


Strong language skills, enabling them to communicate effectively and professionally with customers

Fast Typing

Error-free, high-speed typing to keep up with the live nature of chat and respond to customer queries quickly.

Product Knowledge

In-depth knowledge about products/services, which allows us to provide accurate information and resolve queries.

Problem-Solving Skills

Trained to quickly understand the problem a customer is facing and provide a suitable solution.

Customer Service Skills

Trained in best practices for customer service, which includes patience, empathy, and the ability to handle difficult customers.

Chat Software

Well-versed in using live chat software, which helps in managing multiple customer chats at once.

Time Management

Handling multiple chats simultaneously, prioritizing responses, and effectively managing their time.

Escalation Management

Equipped to recognize when a query needs to be escalated to a higher authority or different department.


Outsource Live Chat: Your Solution for Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Discover round-the-clock customer support with BackOffice Pro's live chat services, from customer onboarding to complaint management.


Customer Onboarding

  • We assist new customers in understanding and using your product or service effectively.

Order Management Support

  • We handle inquiries about order status, payment issues, and shipping information.

24/7 Customer Support

  • Our live chat services are available round-the-clock to immediately assist your customers.

Technical Support

  • Our team can provide live chat support for technical issues, helping your users troubleshoot problems in real time.

Sales Conversion

  • Convert website visitors into potential leads and customers through engaging and prompt live chat interactions.

Complaint Management

  • We manage customer complaints and queries, resolving them promptly and effectively.

Product Information Support

  • We provide detailed product information and answer queries related to your products or services.

Billing Support

  • We assist customers with billing issues, payment processing, refunds, and discrepancies.

Outsource Chat Support and Experience the BackOffice Pro Advantage

Experience the BackOffice Pro advantage when you outsource live chat support. We provide quick and efficient chat support for better customer satisfaction.

Quick Response Times

Promptly responding to every new chat message, addressing customer queries.

Low Escalation Rates

Resolving most issues at the initial level, resulting in low escalation rates for a seamless customer experience.

High Chat Completion Rates

Excel in completing chat sessions without abandonment and retaining customer engagement.

First Contact Resolution

We target resolving issues at the first interaction, boosting efficiency and satisfaction.

High Customer Satisfaction

BackOffcePro assures top satisfaction rates through regular post-chat surveys.

High Volume Handling

Our team can manage a large number of chat sessions per shift, ensuring quality service.

Global Network

Get benefited from our eight global delivery centers

Partnering for Success

Outsource Chat Support: Turn Every Chat into a Chance for Growth

Outsource live chat services to BackOffice Pro, our services ensure your customers receive instant, reliable support. Our trained resources provide real-time solutions, build customer relationships, and foster loyalty. With our service, your business never misses an engagement opportunity.

Ready to boost customer satisfaction? Outsource live chat services and experience enhanced customer service with BackOffice Pro.