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BackOffice Pro (BOP) creates versatility and relevance from outdated and disorganized data in the form of our premium outsource data conversion services. Our team of authorities is capable of adapting outsourcing options to any business genre, with a range of resource planning and engagement solutions that eradicate the financial and labor intensive process commonly associated with in-house Data Conversion.

Back Office for Data Conversion can overhaul disorganized files and data, updating information and providing businesses with standardized databases that are reformatted to be utilized across any required system. With an FTE staff available to personalize your data conversion projects, train new personnel, and offer reliable consultation services, BOP can accurately conquer any outsourcing challenge with our affordable and scalable services.

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BOP’s Data Conversion Entry Skill Sets

As acknowledged innovators in the industry, BOP’s Data Conversion team is best qualified to extend our skills and expertise to our esteemed clients.

  • Our staff of certified Data Conversion experts is available to dispense guidance to offloaded personnel, procure resources, and assist in planning for necessary project components.
  • BOP features exclusive software conversion tools and infrastructure, specifically programmed, maintained, and operated by our qualified data conversion professionals.
  • Capable of converting and formatting from diverse language source materials, including those based in Latin, and those with double-byte characters.
  • Proficient in all conversion respects, including HTML Conversion, MS Word Formatting, File Conversion, Book Conversion, PDF, and XML Conversion, using state of the art content analysis and transformation tools for increased accuracy.
  • Data Conversion Specialist Expert command of ETL data processing with SQL Server, SSIS, Access, Excel, and SQLite databases. Implements and maintains SQL code in SSIS to process non-compliant data files. Technical knowledge of SSRS, SQL Server, SQLite, C#. Accomplished with UNIX/LINUX command line and shell scripting.
  • Data Conversion Programmer Ability to create and understand SQL queries, and programming code. Skilled in PDF, MS Office, Word, Excel, and Access. Analyzes and organizes conversion-related tasks according to required specifications. Experience with ETL tools, experienced with SQL Server, Sybase, T-SQL, C#, .NET.
  • Data Conversion Team Manager Organizes Data Conversion projects, and directs all team members. Ability to understand programming code, handle digitizing software, and possess knowledge of various database formats.
  • Data Conversion Operator Creates complex T-SQL and JSON scripts as needed to facilitate a conversion. Knowledgeable with SQL and Microsoft Excel. Establishes accuracy and consistency in transformed data prior to storage, and assists in the conversion process.

Our Testimonials

Data Conversion Outsourcing Process

Our original approach to the outsource Data Conversion process has allowed us to procure resources, offer professional advisement services, and complete projects with a coherent and tactical adherence to best qualitative practices.

Evaluative Consultation and Proffer Terms

BOP collects essential information from the client and hosts an evaluative consultation that permits an open discourse regarding objectives for the outsource data conversion project, and we proffer terms.

Professional Contract

BOP drafts a professional contract detailing all minutia of the ‘outsource data conversion’ endeavor, to be signed and authorized by both Back Office and the client.

On-Site Orientation Training and Transition

As new personnel make transitional steps over to BOP, we coordinate on-site orientation led by our data conversion specialist. Our practical training methods integrate employee observation and involvement for an efficacious process of instruction.

Fee Valuation, Resource and Procedural Planning

After a mutually satisfactory price is resolved, our data conversion team scrutinizes the particulars of the project and determines where and how to secure resources such as labor, accoutrements, and pecuniary support. Moreover, BOP instigates plans for procedural maneuvers over the progression of the project.

Core Training Principles

Bestowing our data conversion team’s substantial knowledge to inbound employees, BOP begins the instruction process with core training fundamentals.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

BOP showcases the highest level of outsourcing solutions in each data conversion endeavor, producing trustworthy advantages for businesses that retain our excellent range of organizational data conversion and resource management services.

  • Ability to identify and resolve circumstances associated with final data conversion, and implement measures to increase the quality of the conversion.
  • Amenable single project options to ensure that clients have assorted formatting options for data conversion needs, including image files (.tiff, .gif, .jpg, etc.), video files (.mpg, .mov, .avi, etc.), audio files (.mp3, .wmv, .wav, etc.) and microfilm/ microfiche.
  • BOP confirms data integrity, application functionality, and eliminates redundancy by establishing and following standardized quality assurance practices.
  • Resource management solutions that provide all-encompassing assistance to clients, ensuring that they receive the necessary elements to complete complex data conversion ventures.
  • Our team pays exceptional attention to detail, accuracy, and consistency of converted databases through analysis, coding, writing, clear documentation, and problem resolution.
  • A complete, hierarchical data conversion team on standby to aid in any outsourcing situation that may arise, offer counsel, and administer progressive training techniques.
  • Courteous, efficient, and professional absorption of off-loaded data conversion teams for a smooth transitional process.

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Outsourcing with Back Office verifies that the entire online data entry enterprise is professional, reasonably priced, and streamlined so that clients receive a superior experience. Contact us today to find out more from our cordial, expert team.