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BackOffice Pro (BOP) understands the importance of construction drawings for the successful completion of any construction project. High-quality construction drawings take extra investment regarding infrastructures and hiring of skilled resources to get accurate, detailed, and in-time production of construction drawings. BOP provides the desired solution at a cost-effective price to ensure construction projects stay on time and budget with the desired accuracy level.

BOP offers complete solutions to construction drawing requirements as a trusted civil engineering services partner. Helping clients focus on core development activities, BOP’s team of construction drawing specialists take up crucial assignments for both small and large construction projects when clients outsource construction drawing services. With over decades of experience in general arrangement and construction drawing projects, BOP assures of ISO certified quality checks and global delivery processes to meet client requirements with consistency.

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Construction Drawing Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BOP offers skilled resources from top educational institutes to ensure all construction drawing projects are taken care of with equal integrity. BOP’s civil engineering specialists offer the following skillsets:

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  • Degree in civil, electrical or architectural engineering
  • Experience in AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit, etc.
  • Familiarity international building codes and standards and ability to research required local and foreign city specific building requirements.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in providing residential, commercial, infrastructure, and industrial construction projects.
  • Understanding of topographic as well as other surveying methods to apply the knowledge to prepare workable drawings.
  • Ability to learn and adapt to changing technologies with in-depth knowledge of lean construction principles
  • Willingness to work with client and in-house project management tools
  • Hands on experience in providing equal focus on multiple projects and ability to prioritize task to meet deadlines.

Specialized Construction Drawing Services at BackOffice Pro

BOP’s skilled civil engineering specialists provide highly accurate construction drawings using AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, etc. which include elevation details, site plans, section drawings and more. Working with the construction and real estate industry, BOP offers a bouquet of specialized services that match a wide range of requirements. BOP’s services include –

  • Site Plan & Presentation Drawings BOP takes care of entire drawing requirements for any specified construction project, right from site plans to presentation drawings to help initiate a project.
  • Master Plan & Detailed Drawings BOP provides highly detailed 2D drawings that provide ample information on materials, wall thickness, floor details, roof details, etc. These also include interior specifications MEP, HVAC specifications to help architects and building contractors.
  • Shop plan and Fabrication drawings BOP offers pictorial presentations of required components that are used in building construction to allow architects as well as fabricators to advance building projects. BOP’s steel construction drawings provide in-depth details like bolts and nut details which help with smoother bolt and nut riveting requirements.
  • Code Compliance & Council approval drawings BOP provides construction drawings that meet all specified international building codes and allows for drawings to pass through critical compliance checks before construction projects are commenced.

Benefits of Outsourcing Construction Drawings Services to Back Office Pro

When clients outsource construction drawings to BOP, it not only allows to access a team of highly skilled civil engineering specialists to work on a specific project but also ensures all projects meet ISO quality standards. With an accuracy level higher than 98%, BOP offers highly affordable services and in time delivery of all drawing projects. At BOP all construction drawing services are provided with equal care and attention to detail and come with a hoard of benefits.

  • World Class infrastructureBOP has development labs across major continents to offer quick and reliable service to its growing list of clients.
  • Trained resources with relevant experienceAt BOP, skilled resources are chosen after passing a set of standardized scrutiny processes which ensure BOP’s civil engineering specialists are capable of providing top top-notch services to its clients.
  • A bouquet of specialized servicesNot limiting only to construction drawings, BOP offers fabrication and steel drawings services to cover the entire construction drawing spectrum to make it easy for the client to choose from.
  • ISO Certified Security StandardsBOP ensures each project goes through ISO specific quality and security cheeks to provide best quality results.
  • Strict Adherence to SLAAt BOP, an SLA is presented at the onset of the project and is agreed upon to ensure the construction drawing projects stay in tune with the requirements and specifications provided by the clients.

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At BOP, every project is given due care to ensure highest client satisfaction and value adds are offered regarding consulting and project management to provide higher ROI on any given construction drawing investment. Contact BOP today to outsource Construction drawing projects and reap the benefits.