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As your engineering support partner, BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers high-end services, when you outsource structural steel detailing services to BOP. As a well-known Steel Detailing Company in India, BOP has decades of experience in providing top-notch services to global clientele. With a trained team to support varied client requirements, BOP handles complex Steel Structure Drawings and Detailing projects and delivers without a miss. Not just steel detailing services, BOP’s specialized team also offers to assist in providing steel structure detailing for construction, manufacturing, and real estate industries.

BOP’s accurate steel detailing drawings have helped hundreds of architects, engineers, construction firms, and BIM experts. Working with the vision of BOP’s long line of clients, BOP has helped them improvise on basic concepts while offering know-how on international building codes and safety standards.

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Steel Detaling Drawing Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BOP is one of the most trusted outsourcing partners with years of expertise and deep domain knowledge. When you outsource structural steel detailing services to BOP, you can access a team of specialists with the following skillsets.

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  • Degrees in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical engineering.
  • 3-5 years of experience in providing Steel Structure Drawings and Detailing services
  • Specialization in steel detailing drawings and approvals, fabrication, as well as erection and PEB Buildings
  • Expertise in Autocad, Revit Structures, MBS, STADD Pro for Steel Structural Design
  • Hands on experience in 3D Modeling and rendering
  • Experience in extracting 2D drawings in Tekla Concrete to do precast/cast in-situ structures
  • Experience in coordinating models that are provided by Architects, engineers, and MEP specialists.
  • Experience in working with Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems

Steel Detailing Services at BackOffice Pro

BOP’s team of qualified drafters, engineers, as well as architects create highly detailed drawings that are suitable for helping ease out complex steel fabrication work. These drawings are far more intricate and complicated than other detailing drawings. BOP omits any rooms for errors with highly accurate drawings, and these drawings help to manufacture various steel structures like columns, braces, beams, trusses, railings, etc. BOP’s Structural Steel Detailing Services include

  • Detailed erection plans Understanding the complex nature of steel erections, BOP offers highly detailed erection plans that make robust steel structures.
  • Clear shop drawings Shop drawings often specify every detail of a steel component or piece and it is highly crucial to make appropriate material specifications, component shape, size, and dimensions as well as other details to be marked clearly to avoid expensive errors and BOP offers specialized services that meet all the above-noted requirements.
  • Detail drawings for all parts BOP offers detailing of various components like welding, bolting as well as painting details, etc. BOP’s team of structural steel detailing specialists provide help for CNC files for beamlines and plasma cutters.
  • 3D sketches for clear RFIs BOP also provides support for creating clear RFIs with appropriate 3D sketches. 
  • Isometric details of complex connections BOP’s team of structural engineering specialists provide isometric detailing of complex connections.

Benefits of Outsourcing Structural Steel Detailing Services

At BOP steel detailing drawings are created with various specific requirements in mind that fit client requirements and also offer important value-adds. BOP offers the following advantages –

  • World Class Infrastructure BOP operates from various development labs spread across the globe laced with the latest infrastructure to support complex client requirements.
  • Relevant Technical Know-how BOP provides structural engineering support services with expertise in industry-leading technologies that allow the team of specialists to work on conversion projects as well as creating designs with latest and relevant technologies.
  • Cost-effective Service Packages BOP has worked with Fortune 1000 companies and has developed a strategy to offer top-notch services at an affordable price.
  • Skilled Resources BOP has a team of skilled engineering specialists who are trained at regular interval to keep them updated on the latest technologies.
  • Firm Privacy Policy Having worked with a global clientele, BOP values data privacy and adheres to strict SLAs and NDAs to ensure data security.

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BOP’s steel detailing services can scale up its resources to meet your needs. Offering at least 40% cost saving regarding resources and 60% in terms of technologies and various licenses, BOP has made a name for itself as a choice engineering services partner.