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As your resource support partner, Back Office Pro (BOP) helps with smarter public health engineering (PHE) services when clients outsource plumbing drain design services to BOP. With a team of skilled drainage design engineers, BOP offers design, analysis, and implementation of renovation projects. As a resource deployer, BOP takes up projects of all sizes and scopes, including crucial and complex construction projects. Offering high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable PHE design services, BOP has carved a name for itself.

Working with a global clientele, BOP’s team of drainage design engineers have the required international building codes and standards to help clients from across the globe including Europe, Northern America, US, and Australia. Following global delivery standards and customer-centric approach, BOP is a dependable resource deployer.

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Drainage Design Enginee Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

Skillset of Drainage Design Engineers at BackOffice Pro

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  • Graduate degree in Civil Engineering or architecture
  • 3-5 years of experience in drainage design projects including inlet design, hydrologic analysis, storm sewer design, cross drain design, ditch & channel design, retention or detention basin design as well as water quality analysis, etc.
  • Skilled in AutoCAD, MicroStation, InRoads, StormCAD, STAAD technologies, ArchiCAD, ADT, and related tools.
  • Knowledge on DOT standards & specifications.
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams sitting across the globe.

Plumbing and Drainage Design Services at BackOffice Pro

BOP combine ISO processes and smarter project management frameworks to offer customized plumbing and drainage design including underground drainage layouts at a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Helping clients save up to 40 to 60% cost when they outsource plumbing and drainage design services, BOP offers accurate and comprehensive PHE drawings for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional construction projects.

BOP’s all-inclusive drainage designs include:

  • Plumbing System Sizing PHE Design Services including Plumbing System Sizing, Plumbing fixtures & fit out the selection, etc.
  • Sewerage treatment plant system designs BOP offers sewerage treatment plant system designs (STP) size and design for highways and larger building projects. BOP also offers sewerage treatment plant system designs like collection and disposal or treatment and reuse
  • Water supply system designs BOP offers engineering services including storage, treatment, & Distribution. BOP’s team of skilled resources have also provided the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) system designs that help rainwater management including harvesting, collection, recharge, and reuse.
  • Storm Water Management BOP also offers stormwater management designs, water distribution, for large campuses.
  • Water Leak Detection To aid smarter civic designs, BOP also provides design support for Water Leak Detection systems with rodent repellent systems.

Back Office Pro’s Plumbing Drain Design Services – Benefits You Can’t Ignore

BOP’s team of skilled engineering professionals offer a wide range of benefits to clients in many ways for varied projects including economic, technological, and infrastructural aspects. These benefits include -

  • Access to Latest Technologies and Tools – BOP has over two decades of experience in providing plumbing and drainage design assistance to architects and building contractors and has a team of professionals with degree and certifications in the latest tools and technologies.
  • Six Sigma trained professionals – BOP ensures all resources are adequately certified and process oriented to take up crucial projects.
  • Compliance to International Building Codes- BOP’s skilled team is adept at international codes and standards including ASHRAE (HVAC), AS (Mechanical), IBC (Civil), ACCA (HVAC), UBC (Civil), AIA-drawing standards
  • Global Locations – BOP has a global talent pool sitting across different locations to ensure timely response to client queries.
  • Data Security and Privacy BOP ensure client data is safe and every measure is taken to avoid any breach in privacy of the intellectual property.

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BackOffice Pro’s experienced engineers & drafters provide world-class plumbing and drainage designs services at an affordable price without compromising on quality or turnaround time. Contact BOP today to learn how the efficient team can help you with the construction projects.