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About Medical Transcription

Elevate Documentation with Expert Medical Transcription Services

BackOffice Pro is your reliable partner for medical transcription services. We understand the challenges of high operational costs, maintaining accuracy, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our dedicated team provides accurate, cost-effective solutions adhering to global healthcare standards, allowing you to expedite your core healthcare services.

We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and scalability to meet your needs while ensuring utmost confidentiality and security for your sensitive medical data. For over 15 years BackOffice Pro has been an industry leader in medical transcription services with expertise and commitment to excellence.

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Our Skills

Skills that Our Certified Medical Transcriptionists Carry

Our certified medical transcriptionists use advanced technology and industry expertise for precise transcriptions. We provide 100% HIPAA-compliant and round-the-clock services for accurate healthcare documentation.

Medical Knowledge

Our certified medical transcriptionists are well-versed in medical terminology, ensuring precision in every document.

Integrated Approach

As one of the top medical transcription companies, we leverage both sophisticated technology and skilled human expertise.

Listening Skills

Excellent listening skills to accurately transcribe recordings, even when the audio quality is poor or the speaker has a strong accent.

Typing Skills

Ability to transcribe a high volume of words per minute while maintaining precision and desired speed.

Language Skills

Excellent command of the English language, including grammar and punctuation, to create accurate transcriptions.

Technology Skills

Familiarity with transcription software and equipment, as well as electronic health record (EHR) systems.


Empowering Healthcare Efficiency: Our Diverse Medical Transcription Services

Explore our comprehensive range of specialized medical transcription services, from precise medical records and radiology reports to seamless EHR integration with an unprecedented level of precision and efficiency.


Medical Records Transcription

Specialized in transcribing patient histories, discharge summaries, and clinical notes with unmatched accuracy.

Medication History Transcription

Expertly compile comprehensive medication histories, assisting healthcare providers in making informed decisions.

Radiology Report Transcription

Ensuring timely and precise transcription of radiology reports, enhancing diagnostic processes.

Surgical Report Transcription

Our services extend to meticulous transcription of surgical procedures and outcomes.

Emergency Room Transcription

Our resources excel in capturing critical details from emergency room reports.

Specialty-Specific Transcription

Catering to various medical specialties, adapting our transcription services to meet specific requirements.

Insurance Documentation

Streamlining your claims process with our detailed insurance documentation services.

EHR Integration

Seamlessly integrate transcribed documents into Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems for easy access.

Tailored Excellence

The Benefits of Partnering With One of the Top Medical Transcription Companies

When you hire our certified medical transcriptionists for medical transcription services, you will experience enhanced time efficiency, unwavering accuracy, significant cost savings, scalability, confidentiality, and reduced errors.

Experienced Team

Our medical transcriptionists are highly skilled with an in-depth understanding of medical terminologies.

High Accuracy

We prioritize precision in our transcriptions, minimizing errors and ensuring clear communication.

Quick Turnaround

We understand the time-sensitive nature of medical services and ensure timely delivery of transcriptions.

Comprehensive Services

Wide range of transcription services, from medical records to insurance documentation, catering to specific needs.

Easier Access to Information

With services like EHR integration, medical information can be more easily accessed and managed.

Effortless Scalability

Our resources adapt to your changing transcription volumes, ensuring uninterrupted transcription services.

Ready to revolutionize your healthcare documentation? Experience the future of medical transcription with BackOffice Pro.