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Back Office Pro has deep experience and highly skilled people, doing amazing things with your ideas and raw materials. Whether it’s the basic video editing with some creative spice, or poor-quality audio that needs saving, or almost any other multimedia need under the sun, we have the expertise, the technology, and the knowledge to take your ideas and turn them into visually-impressive pieces of cutting edge video and audio. We follow all applicable ISO standards to deliver projects of all sizes and volumes in any media format.

We work as your back-office partner, offering you the flexible choice of the engagement models of the full-time equivalents (FTEs) based on your requirements. Offload your video and audio editing process and make a strategic alliance for your business process.

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Benefits of BackOffice Pro’s Creative Editing Services

BackOffice Pro offers you every advantage for your audio editing needs including the below:

  • Competitive pricing Because we have the equipment, software, and trained staff on hand and ready to go, we can offer you the best prices you’ll see anywhere on video, audio, and other multimedia services. Whether it’s content creation or simply cleaning up and raising the level of your own work, our price quotes will impress.
  • Range of services We handle it all. Every audio and video format and every possible project involving them. You can’t possibly surprise us – whatever you want to do with audio and video, we can handle it for you.
  • Best customer service We recruit, train, and deploy our customer service staff with the same level of quality, dedication, and skill as we do our technical staff. You’ll be amazed and impressed with the people who answer your questions and handle your problems.
  • Experience Our audio and video experts come from deep backgrounds where they worked on complex and challenging projects. They know all the technical aspects of audio and video in the Internet Age – and they know the aesthetic aspects, as well.
  • Technology We have cutting-edge editing technology, including the most powerful software on the market, installed and ready to go.
  • Resources You’ll never hear from us “we can’t do that.” Whatever your project needs, we either have it here or we know where to gain access to it – and we simply go out and get it.
  • Satisfaction guarantee We guarantee that you will be not just satisfied but excited by the final product we deliver. There’s no wiggle room in that language, either. It’s a guarantee.

Software Expertise

When it comes to audio and video in the modern age, it’s all about technology – and that means software. BackOffice Pro knows that the software world not only moves fast, features often appear in one tool long before another. That’s why we install and maintain the most popular and cutting-edge applications, like

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Audition
  • Apple Final Cut Pro

Creative Editing Services Outsourcing Process

  • We schedule a meeting with you. This is not a perfunctory, rushed meeting where we try to tell you what your project should be. This is an in-depth consultation where we listen to not just the technical aspects of the project, but the aesthetic and promotional aspects.
  • The team drives the application of other resources. We let the experts tell us what they need. Technology, time, software – whatever it is, we get it for them. If we don’t have it in-house, we acquire it.
  • We assemble our team. Every project is different, and we don’t have “generic” teams that get thrown into whatever project is next. We assign each resource carefully to ensure that every aspect of your project is covered by an expert in the field.
  • Our customer service team keeps the client informed at all times. We offer our clients endless opportunities to review our work and offer their feedback. We don’t want the delivery of the end product to be a surprise – if we’re drifting off course we want to know immediately so we can course-correct.


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You’re a modern business, which means you have audio and video content you need to leverage for your promotion and marketing. We’re the best in the creative editing business, and that means we can see your vision all the way from notes taken in a brainstorming session to polished, viral product. Call us today and let us show you how excited and effective we can be as your creative editing partners.