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BackOffice Pro (BOP) assists clients with innovation with accurate value analysis & value engineering services (VAVE) when they outsource value engineering projects to BOP. To relook at the design for further enhancement requires skilled resources with ample understanding of the domain to optimization of designs for better performance and cost savings. As a value engineering company in India, BOP offers creative resources skilled with relevant techniques to carry out smart design changes.

BOP has extensive experience about value engineering services and has provided resource support for a wide range of industries like manufacturing, aviation, automotive, healthcare, etc. Working with global clients, BOP has developed project management strategies that allow its resources to offer the best value for every investment on cost and value engineering.

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Value Engineering Service Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BOP’s engineering specialists help clients with design assistance for value engineering projects, allowing them to work towards profitability. BOP’s team of skilled value engineering specialists ensure a higher level of operational functionality for product and component designs. Each of BOP’s team members possesses the following qualifications.

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  • Graduate degree in Engineering Technology or similar
  • 2-5 years of experience in working on value engineering projects.
  • Experience in the manufacturing process including casting, machining, forging, assembly, etc.
  • Experience in LEAN and Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Experience in using FEA, predictive software, & similar analysis such as Ansys, CFX, MSC Nastran, Fluent, SLA / SLS / STL, etc.
  • Ability to conduct complex engineering calculations
  • Strong analytical and decision-making skills
  • Ability to work in multi-location, multi-cultural teams

Value Engineering Services at BackOffice Pro

BOP follows a global-delivery framework that allows it to offer quality-centric project delivery for its clients. The value engineering specialists at BOP ensure higher margins and reduced time-to-market, by utilizing the latest technologies. With a 360 approach to providing superior product design, BOP works as an extension to your existing team. With a focus on design optimization, BOP offers the following value engineering services.

  • Design Value Analysis BOP conducts design analysis to offer idea generation with nifty engineering changes to the design that ensure cost saving for the manufacturing as well as product performance.
  • Tear-down Analysis BOP deploys a methodical teardown analysis that helps to identify which are the key cost drivers that impact various components and optimizes those to improve overall functions.
  • Product Benchmarking BOP studies international product benchmarks that enable designers to create the most optimal designs that are highly efficient.
  • Cost Analysis BOP’s experience cost analysis allows clients to understand the various factors that impact the overall manufacturing costs. Considering raw material as well as assembly, recycling, and waste, etc.
  • Product Portfolio Analysis BOP carries out comprehensive analysis to understand product portfolio and offers systematic and standardized value engineering projects.

Hi-Technology Value Engineering Tools We Use

The mechanical engineers, project managers and subject matter experts (SMEs), who make up our Value Engineering group, have backgrounds deeply rooted in this technology. Of course, even the most talented people need the proper tools to do their work successfully. Here are some of the best of breed tools our people use:

  • FEA / Fluid Dynamics Ansys, MSC Nastran, CFX, Fluent
  • Experimental testing Optical methods, strain gauging, vibration testing (B&K / LMS)
  • Material testing Chemical / X-ray spectroscopy analysis
  • Life testing Knowledge of HALT / HAST methodology and thermal / electrical cycling equipment
  • Rapid prototyping SLA / SLS / STL technology based RP machines

Benefits of Outsourcing Mechanical Engineering Service

BOP has over two decades of experience in providing product design services and offers a list of advantages when clients outsource value engineering services to BOP.

  • BOP’s ISO-certified processes ensure smooth and qualitative project delivery.
  • Skilled resources and frequent training to meet new technology requirements allows BOP to help clients with varied value engineering requirements.
  • BOP has Global locations to provide 24*6 service to its growing list of clients
  • Highly secured labs allow BOP to ensure client data is safe and there is no breach in intellectual properties.

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BOP’s value engineering services are highly detailed and have helped clients increase product life cycle, overall performance, and provide superior quality.

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