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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a reputed back-office service provider catering specifically to professional photographers and photo studios with image clipping support, in times of influxes or skill shortages.

When you outsource image clipping path services to BackOffice Pro, our professional image editors clip images of any size or complexity and deliver high-quality, precision editing that meets your image editing volume as well as quality parameters. From product photography to e-commerce needs, we help clients worldwide in perfecting their images. This helps them represent their products better and appeal to the visual tastes of their audiences.

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Image Clipping Path Services We Offer

At BOP, our image clipping back-office support is perfect for handling large volumes of image editing requirements. Our extensive list of image clipping services is ideal for preparing images for online stores and marketplaces where a large number of products need to be made visually appealing.

Clipping Path

Our skilled resources are adept at creating clipping paths that are perfect for hard-edged products, drop shadows, reflections, spotting (removal of blemishes)

Blur Correction

We employ the image-analyzing algorithm to visualize image content and enhance images removing the blur and distortions.

Remove Background

We remove backgrounds from images, including white backgrounds and make backgrounds transparent to focus solely on the subject of the picture.

Dropping Background

We efficiently convert any background into a white, transparent or any solid color background.

E-commerce Marketplace Guidelines

At BOP our expert image editors change any background to a white background or transparent background to aid online sales for marketplaces like Amazon, e-bay,etc.

Natural Shadows and Reflections

Natural shadows enhance a photo, making the subject pop on the page. We work on oval shadows, drop shadows, reflections, and cast shadows.

Automobile Image Clipping

We extend exclusive automobile image clipping services to automobile dealers and auto magazines enabling them to showcase their products and services.

Color Correction

We adjust and tune white balance, brightness, shadows, highlights, color temperature, and saturation to make otherwise lackluster photos.

Hair Masking

You can receive services such as hair replacement, photo enhancement, etc. to ensure a professional, high quality finish.

Image Clipping
Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

If you are looking to offload all or part of your image clipping work, BackOffice Pro will be your ideal partner. At BOP our trained resources follow ISO processes and have the following skill sets:

  • A minimum of five years of experience as a re-toucher/ image editor in a design team
  • Knowledge of color management in varied applications
  • A proven ability to work under pressure and with tight deadlines
  • Vast experience in working with all primary photo editing tools including Adobe Photoshop, and LightRoom
  • Ability to refine image edges, handle noise, adjust contrast, correct blur, etc.
  • Able to draw precision vector cuts to cleanly cut out even noisy, blurry, and faint backgrounds
  • Ability to efficiently separate hair from distinct backgrounds

Our Work Samples

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Benefits of Outsourcing
with BackOffice Pro

At BOP, our image clipping support comes with round-the-clock delivery and is perfect for clothing, accessories, shoes, footwear, jewelry, watches, fashion, electronics, toys, furniture, and a lot more. Our image clipping benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Precise Manual Clipping Our clipping paths are done manually and with extreme precision. Professional image editors extract the desired parts of an image and leave out the unneeded parts.
  • Affordable Bulk Clipping When you opt for BOP’s clipping path services, a high-cost advantage lets you enjoy bulk clipping at the most affordable prices.
  • Simple to Complex Images At BOP we manage simple clipping path projects where images have smooth and straight edges, as well as complex curves.
  • Accurate Clipping We accurately trace the clipping path and then extract the image, offering clipping paths with shadows and reflections.
  • Clipping for In-Design At BOP our photo editors are adept at using clipping paths for In-Design as In-Design also requires clipping paths to ensure that .
  • Better Online Marketing: We help perfect your images for online marketplaces with transparent or white background images which are perfect for display on online stores.

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Image Clipping Path Services
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At BOP, our expert editing team assists with superior back-office image clipping support. Whether you have bulk work and need all hands on deck or need professional editing without carrying the burden of extra stuff, you can partner with us. Fill in our contact form, call or email us today. Tell us your requirement and receive a free quote within one business day.