Outsource Computational Modeling And Data Analytics Services to India

These days, competitive advantage rests in the time it takes to deliver your service to customers. As an architectural and engineering firm, you may not always have the in-house capacity to deliver on parametric or computational modeling services. Let BackOffice Pro help you to cope with projects that you don’t have the capacity for, and source talented individuals who can assist.

BackOffice Pro is an offshore partner to Architectural Design Industry, Urban Planners and Designers, Town Planners, Structural Design Industry, Facade Engineering, and Transport Planners. Outsource to India all your parametric modeling services requirements, at BackOffice Pro the projects will be taken care of meticulously.

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Parametric and Computational Modeling Skill sets at BackOffice Pro

The skilled team at BackOffice Pro provides a comprehensive list of services to meet your parametric 3D modeling needs. We are:

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  • Experienced in using a wide range of software, such as Rhino 3D, Revit, Autodesk, Solidworks, AutoCAD, and CATIA V5.
  • Skilled in using parametric 3D modeling software and tools.
  • Familiar with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) design and drafting.
  • Experienced in CNC programming and PTC Creo Parametric.
  • Skilled in evaluating design according to tooling and manufacturing standards and guidelines.
  • Well versed in creating, reviewing, and approving of engineering change documentation.
  • Highly skilled in doing renderings and visualizing architectural concepts.

Computational Modeling And Data Analytics Services Offered by Back Office Pro

We offer a wide range of parametric and computational modeling services. These include:

  • Boundary Representation Solution

    At BackOffice Pro, we can assist you with providing skilled professionals who will carry out boundary representation solutions for your company, that geometrically and topologically describe an object’s boundary accurately.

  • Constructive Solid Geometry Solution

    Our professionals are highly skilled in building Constructive Solid Geometry modes to generate visually complex objects by combining a few primitive ones.

Outsourcing Parametric and Computational Modeling Services to India – Benefits at BackOffice Pro

  • Design Ideas and Concepts are Translated More Accurately We assist your design professionals with accurately translating complex design ideas and concepts into working models. We make changes that are relevant and based on thousands of external factors and allow these to occur in real-time.
  • Increased Efficiency We leverage technology and computational algorithms to assist in producing designs so that changes can be factored in, and the complete design can be managed and controlled easily. This takes less time when compared with traditional methods.
  • Improved BIM Optimization The intricate models and designs that BackOffice Pro creates can be imported into BIM management systems. This makes collaboration and documentation more accessible.
  • Better Building Performance Studies We can optimize building designs to have it perform better in terms of atmospheric, macro, and micro-climatic conditions. BackOffice Pro can model for any geography while making sure that the building model adheres to the regional regulations.
  • Improved Design Process Automation BackOffice Pro can effortlessly automate monotonous jobs in a standard design process, using our proprietary algorithms and AI. This process directly results in enhanced efficiency. You can then be involved in production for larger projects.
  • Costing Models that are Not Set in Stone We specialize in delivering exceptional customer service at prices that suit your needs. Our pricing plans are transparent, which ensures that you can plan your budget without receiving any surprises down the line.

Superior Parametric and Computational Modeling Services for Your Firm

Outsourcing your company’s needs for parametric and computational modeling services frees up your time so that you can focus on other things. Whether you need custom parametric 3D modeling services, architectural modeling services using Grasshopper, AutoCAD parametric 3d modeling, 3d parametric design, or more, we are ready to provide back-office outsourced support for your in-house teams.

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