Outsource Virtual Staging Services to India

Back Office Pro has a highly skilled and experienced team that provides high-quality Virtual Staging services to real estate companies, furniture companies, and individual home sellers. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, BOP’s virtual staging services are unparalleled and stand out. Whether its floor planning, or redrawing, 360° panoramic view of the property, de-cluttering, remodeling, painting or decorating, and more, BOP has it all.

The exceptional services at BOP and the team of experts deliver supreme quality. Our CAD professionals and image editors stay updated with all current interior design trends and CAD software. Contact us today to get detailed information about our services. Outsource virtual staging services to India to get the best offshoring options.

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Virtual Staging Services Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

On outsourcing your virtual staging requirements to BackOffice Pro, you get the best experts at your service who are -

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  • Expert in CAD, Auto CAD, V-Ray rendering tool, 3DX Max Modeling software for creating visual staging design that gives out the best interior designs.
  • Proficient in floor planning and redrawing, aiding in complete redesigning of the home – interior as well as exterior.
  • Unprecedented in 360° panoramic view creation of the property which helps to make the best impression on its buyers.
  • Keen and possess an artistic eye on furniture positioning, color machination, and accessory installation across the floor to give an aesthetic look of the rooms and interior.
  • Expert in creating a design walkthrough that invokes more interest in the buyers’ minds.
  • Experienced in de-cluttering, organizing, and staging to bestow a different look of the floor and its décor.
  • Highly skilled in remodeling, painting, and decorating the entire interior of the home that enhances the visual of the home and helps to sell quickly.

Virtual Staging Solutions at BOP

When you outsource your virtual staging needs to BOP, you will get the below services under the same roof to support your mission:

  • Furniture placement/replacement Removing the existing furniture and replacing it with virtual staging furniture, brings in a fresh breath of air in the interior that attracts eyeballs. BOP experts are highly skilled in the placement of furniture aptly.
  • Virtual Renovations Replacing flooring, walls, ceiling, adding, or removing objects, adding a complete kitchen and bathroom fit-outs are crucial to virtual staging. Our engineers recommend unprecedented designs to fit your needs.
  • 2D and 3D Floor Plan BOP experts have years of experience in 2D and 3D floor planning to showcase the home layout in greater detail to attract top-quality buyers and help it sell soon.
  • 3D Walkthrough A realistic 3D video walkthrough helps you to sell your property at an appropriate price. BOP experts convert architectural blueprints into highly engaging 3D Walkthrough that sells.
  • Day to Dusk Dusk, the beautiful time of the is very difficult to photograph accurately. BOP experts transform the gloomy daytime image to a breathtaking sunset image to make it stand out with advanced editing techniques.
  • 360° Virtual Tour The virtual tour always gives a better understanding of the space and its utilization, furniture placement, and other important details. Experts at BOP are proficient in making a 360° virtual tour of the interior of the property.
  • Custom Design BOP also helps the homeowners or builders with custom designs with the latest designs and techniques to help you make an impression in mind of your buyers.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Services

Outsourcing Virtual Staging Services to India - Benefits at BOP

The unique services the BOP offers come along with the following key benefits:

  • Make a great impression of your property with our virtual staging service.
  • Make your listing more eye-catching with our aesthetic virtual staging designs.
  • Get limitless design elements, ranging from virtual tour, 3D walks through, virtual renovations, and more.
  • Sell home faster with the best virtual staging services and high-quality designs.
  • Create the room of your customers’ dreams and sell them at the best price.

Outsource Virtual Staging Service Requirements to BOP

Virtual staging service is a complex requirement in civil, architectural, structural engineering. It requires deeper knowledge and expertise in remodeling and designing the space to give it the best look. Outsource virtual staging services to India at BackOffice Pro, one of the best virtual staging companies and get the spectacular 3D virtual staging, that would help you sell your property soon.

Get in touch with us today to know more about the service and how we can cater to your requirements.