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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a well-established outsourcing company that provides CAD conversion services for engineering, construction, manufacturing, and architectural design companies worldwide. BOP has built a strong network of highly skilled CAD operators to provide conversions that are accurate and detailed. Services include capturing hand-drawn diagrams, migrating to new CAD systems, 2D to 3D conversion, and CAD to BIM model conversion.

BOP manage the outsourcing process from beginning to end, taking the time to understand your requirements thoroughly, before recruiting the best match from our network of skilled CAD engineers to complete the job. Whether you need to update old hand drawings to CAD or build 3D models from 2D drawings, BOP ensures that the project runs smoothly, checking that milestones are reached on time and that quality and accuracy standards are met.

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Hire CAD Conversion Experts at BackOffice Pro

BOP ensure that their network of CAD conversion specialists possesses the following skills:

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  • Knowledge in all the latest CAD and BIM software including Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Bentley AutoPlant, McNeel Rhino, Siemens Unigraphics, etc.
  • Minimum 3 years of CAD experience of converting CAD drawings
  • Knowledge of relevant standards and procedures including international standards such as ISO 9001
  • Organization skills to manage work effectively and adhere to deadlines
  • Strong communication skills to interpret briefs and put across information clearly
  • Attention to detail and adherence to the standard confidentiality and security guidelines

CAD Conversion Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

Our CAD outsourcing services are backed by an experienced team of engineers, drafters, and designers diligent in delivering CAD files as specified and agreed by the project owner. Our CAD conversion services include:

  • Capturing Hand Drawings Old design drawings can be scanned and converted to a CAD format for archiving. 2D hand drawings and designs can also be interpreted and transferred to a fully functional CAD drawings if needed for re-design or renewal projects.
  • Update or Migrate to New CAD System While updating your CAD package or migrating to a new system, you may find compatibility issues. In such scenario, our specialists can help migrate all your files, unify into one platform, and rectify the transference problems.
  • 2D to 3D CAD Conversion Specialist CAD engineers at BOP will take your existing 2D CAD drawings and create 3D models from them with pinpoint accuracy. Design checks are performed at every stage by senior engineers to ensure precise results.
  • 2D to 3D BIM Conversion You can outsource conversion of 2D designs to 3D by hiring our specialist BIM engineers experienced in interpreting 2D plans, elevations, layouts, and converting them into a detailed BIM model including all the MEP services.

Why Hire BackOffice Pro for Outsourced CAD Conversions?

BackOffice Pro is ideally placed to deliver high-quality outsourced CAD conversions. Over the years, BOP has built up a reputation for delivering:

  • First-class CAD conversion services for any industry or field Whether your designs are mechanical, civil, or utility and services, BOP has the expert engineers to convert your hand-drawn or CAD drawings into the format you require.
  • CAD conversions for any package or platform BOP works with experienced engineers and CAD technicians that have a wide array of knowledge and expertise. Even if you use a lesser-known or highly specialist CAD package, BOP can outsource your project to skilled practitioners.
  • Close management of outsourced projects BOP ensure that contractual obligations are met during the outsourcing process. BOP works closely with the CAD engineers to guarantee prompt delivery and high standards of work. BOP remove the risk you would experience if you worked directly with the service providers.

Let BackOffice Pro Manage your CAD Conversion Projects

BackOffice Pro offers a premium outsourcing service that saves you time, money and effort by allocating your CAD conversion project to checked, verified and approved third party specialists. They will manage the project from start to finish and ensure timely delivery.

To find out more about outsourced CAD conversion services and how BackOffice Pro can help you, please contact them today.