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Insurance BPO Support that Fuel Your Business Success

BackOffice Pro (BOP) has been a leading force in the insurance BPO sector for over a decade. We offer a robust team of over 1,000 trained operators, all well-versed in the complexities of the insurance regulatory landscape (NAIC, FIO, FSOC, & SEC). As experts in insurance process outsourcing, we service clients across the United States, enabling agencies, carriers, and MGAs to reduce their operations costs by 20-40%.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a global talent pool and unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to scale your operations in response to seasonal demands.

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Introduction to Our Superior Range of Insurance BPO Services

Experience unparalleled efficiency and growth with our top-tier Insurance BPO services. We offer comprehensive solutions designed to streamline your insurance business processes.


Policy Administration

  • Policy Issuance: We expedite policy issuance, ensuring quick coverage for your customers.
  • Policy Renewal: Our team manages timely renewals, maintaining continuous protection for your clients.
  • Policy Modification: We handle policy changes seamlessly, reflecting the life changes of your policyholders efficiently.

Claims Processing

  • First Notice of Loss (FNOL): Our efficient FNOL services ensure a swift start to the claims process.
  • Claims Adjudication: We ensure accurate and fair claims decisions, benefiting you and your customers.
  • Claims Settlement: We provide quick claims settlement, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Underwriting Support

  • Risk Assessment: Our experts ensure precise risk evaluation, optimizing your premium pricing.
  • Policy Pricing: We offer accurate policy pricing, balancing your profitability and customer affordability.
  • Compliance Checks: We rigorously monitor compliance, mitigating potential regulatory risks.

Customer Service

  • Inquiry Resolution: We provide prompt, professional responses to customer inquiries, boosting customer confidence.
  • Policy Guidance: Our team offers clear policy explanations, ensuring customers fully understand their coverage.
  • Complaint Handling: We manage complaints effectively, turning negative experiences into positive outcomes.

Billing and Collection

  • Invoice Generation: We ensure accurate, timely invoice generation, facilitating prompt payments.
  • Payment Processing: Our team processes payments securely, safeguarding your revenues and customer trust.
  • Delinquency Management: We handle payment delays proactively, minimizing financial risk.

Document Management

  • Digitization: We convert paper documents to digital, saving storage space and easing access.
  • Record Keeping: Our robust record management ensures easy retrieval of essential documents.
  • Document Security: We prioritize document security, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulation Monitoring: We monitor regulatory changes, ensuring your business stays compliant.
  • Compliance Reporting: We prepare and submit compliance reports, saving you from potential fines.
  • Audit Support: We provide essential support during audits, ensuring a smooth process.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

  • Fraud Screening: We apply rigorous screening methods, protecting your business from fraudulent claims.
  • Fraud Investigation: We conduct thorough investigations, ensuring accurate and fair claims decisions.
  • Preventive Measures: We implement preventative measures to reduce future fraud risks.

Data Entry and Processing

  • Data Collection: We collect and organize essential data, enabling informed business decisions.
  • Data Cleaning: We ensure data accuracy, eliminating errors that could impact decision-making.
  • Data Analysis: We analyze data for trends and insights, guiding your strategic planning.

IT and Technical Support

  • System Maintenance: We ensure the smooth operation of your IT systems, preventing potential business disruptions.
  • Issue Resolution: Our team resolves technical issues promptly, minimizing downtime.
  • System Upgrades: We manage system upgrades efficiently, keeping your technology current.

Drive Business Excellence with Insurance Process Outsourcing for Insurance Companies

Our advanced call center support services deliver professional assistance to various industry verticals. A well-organized and standardized workflow has established our strong presence across geographies.

Insurance Carriers
Insurance Agencies
Insurance Brokers
Managing General Agent (MGAs)

Why Hire Insurance Back-Office Operators at BackOffice Pro?

Cost Efficiency

Partnering with BackOffice Pro can reduce operational costs by up to 60%. It's more affordable than in-house teams.

Access to Expertise

Our team comprises industry experts with over 10+ years of experience; we bring specialized knowledge to your business.


We offer flexible services that can scale with your business. In 2020, 65% of our partners increased their operations.

Updated Technology

We invest in the latest technology, ensuring your business stays ahead. 80% of insurers say technology improves efficiency.

Risk Management

Our robust procedures and systems reduce risks associated with regulatory compliance by 70%.


We handle back-office tasks, freeing up your time. On average, we save our clients 40 hours per week.

BackOffice Pro is your key to efficiency in the insurance industry. Contact us now to secure your business's future.