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Medical Call Center Services, Here Compassion Meets Efficiency

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About Medical Call Center Services

Elevate Healthcare Communications with BackOffice Pro's Medical Call Center Services

At Back Office Pro, we provide transformative medical call center services to seamlessly address patient concerns, from long wait times to personalized attention. Our proficient team is equipped to handle a variety of medical queries, prioritizing accuracy and patient satisfaction.

BackOffice Pro, has been the leader in healthcare call center outsourcing for over 15 years. With us, you can focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services while we take care of providing a reliable and efficient call center experience to your patients. We place a high emphasis on privacy to ensure uninterrupted, secure medical call center services around the clock.

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Our Skills

Skillsets Empowering Our Medical Call Center Services

Addressing medical call center services issues head-on is our forte at BackOffice Pro. Our healthcare contact center outsourcing is backed by our expertise, highly trained resources, and customized solution approach.

Communication Skills

The ability to convey information clearly and understand patient needs.

Medical Knowledge

In-depth understanding of medical terminologies, treatments, and healthcare procedures.

Soft Skills

Attention to detail, accurate interpretation, and conveyance of medical and billing information.

Multi-lingual Service

Proficient in multiple languages, enabled to communicate effectively with a diverse patient population.

Technological Proficiency

Adept at various healthcare software, telehealth platforms, and electronic health record systems.

Emergency Response

By assessing the medical condition, our team excels in providing swift help in emergencies.


Navigating Healthcare Contact Center Outsourcing: Our Service Expertise

Embark on a journey of seamless healthcare communication with our all-encompassing medical call center services. At BackOffice Pro, we deliver unparalleled patient care through our premium services.


Patient Appointment Scheduling

Healthcare call center representatives handle your appointment scheduling.

Medical Answering Services

Professional answering services, addressing patient queries promptly and competently.

Emergency Dispatch Services

Trained to handle emergency calls effectively, ensuring immediate action and support.

Telehealth Support Services

Our support services help you adapt and provide excellent remote care to your patients.

Medical Billing Inquiries

We handle billing inquiries, ensuring transparent communication with patients.

Prescription Reminders

Prescription reminder service ensures patients adhere to their medication schedules.

Post-Discharge Follow-ups

Post-discharge follow-ups to monitor patient recovery and address any health concerns.

24/7 Support

Our services are available round-the-clock to provide uninterrupted support and care for your patients.


Unlocking Success with Our Healthcare Call Center Representatives: The BackOffice Pro Advantage

Our medical call center services are backed by a proven track record of success. Hire our healthcare call center representatives for exceptional patient care, streamlined operations, and significant cost savings.

Global Network

Worldwide coverage and support for your healthcare operations through eight global delivery centers.

Swift Response

Promptly answering calls, reducing waiting time, and enhancing patients' experience with your healthcare services.

First-call Resolution

Addressing patients' queries or concerns efficiently, reducing the need for multiple calls.

Minimal Call Abandonment

Quick call handling results in a low call abandonment rate, ensuring patients' needs are met promptly.

Patient Satisfaction

Emphasize high-quality service, we aim to improve patient satisfaction scores in all our interactions consistently.

Timely Services

Strictly adhere to schedules, ensuring timely patient appointment setting, medical answering, and emergency dispatch services.

Outsource your healthcare call center services to us and watch your patient satisfaction soar!