Outsource Lean Construction Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) boosts to be the most renowned destination to outsource lean construction. At BOP, we have the technologies, tools, and processes along with the digital-readable information and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to support lean construction. Our experienced full-time equivalent (FTE) model supports the various project planning needs basing on the construction requirement.

As your back-office partner, we provide a precise lean process for construction management, integrated project delivery, general contracting, bill of materials, scheduling, planning, and more to add value to our global clients. We deliver accurate data and drawings through virtual design to meet lean construction goals with stages of quality checks following the ISO guidelines.

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Lean Construction Skill Sets at BOP

As one of the pre-eminent engineering companies providing lean construction services in India, BOP has an experienced team with a deeper understanding and knowledge of the lean construction process and methodologies possessing the following skillsets:

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  • Expert in deploying BIM to create the production system design, flow, and value
  • Proficient in location-based planning and 4D visualization of the construction planning and schedules using BIM.
  • Ace in creating virtual building using BIM considering the dimensions of the actual project
  • High abilities to set up a collaborative project delivery system deploying BIM
  • Adept in automating the generation of drawings and documents to support the production management
  • Experienced in using BIM to check designs and eliminate the waste in construction
  • Ability to integrate production control measures including safety, cost, time and quality, etc
  • In-depth knowledge of the construction project designing tools
  • Ability to evaluate the suitability to re-use solutions, materials, vendor, and functional requirements
  • Expert in lean construction concepts, practices, and tools
  • Seasoned in information modeling and various construction design tools such as Autodesk Revit, Naviswork, AutoCAD, etc.

Lean Construction Services at BOP

When our clients outsource lean construction requirements to us, they get a value engineering solution for managing their construction projects smoothly with lean principles to save cost, time, effort, and more. Here is the list of services we provide to our clients:

  • Value Stream As part of the lean construction, BOP experts deliver a value stream for the construction process by laying out all of the necessary functions, including each activity, labor, equipment, materials, information, while removing steps and resources that do not add value.
  • Minimize WasteBOP lean construction engineers identify design defects, overproduction in construction, waiting for materials, skill shortages, transportation, inventory, and over-processing, etc., and eliminates waste in the construction process.
  • Workflow, Planning, and SchedulingThe BOP engineers set the proper sequence to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted construction workflow and clear communication and collaboration among all parties at every phase of the project based on the downstream demand.

Benefits of Outsourcing Lean Construction Requirements to BOP

Being a top engineering company offering lean construction services in India, BOP assures quality, efficient, and effective value design and construction for every client along with the following benefits:

  • Make continuous improvements in the workflows and process to add value to the construction process
  • Eliminate waste, duplication of designs, process, and other inefficient construction methods
  • Incorporate just-in-time (JIT) construction practices while adding value from the customers' perspectives
  • Reduce the overall cost of the project with lean methodologies with strategic planning
  • Increase the predictability and reliability of the project to avoid accidents and enhance productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction, turnover and profit eventually

Outsource Lean Construction Services to Enhance Construction Process

The BOP engineers have a detailed understanding of lean construction principles and methodologies that helps our clients to reduce cost, time, effort, and materials. Our value engineering, value design and construction minimize the waste and delay in time along with accurate construction cost estimation if requested. Contact us to know about our service and how you can outsource lean construction to us.