Outsource Property Management Services

BackOffice Pro is proud to offer an exclusive property management service designed to make property managers more profitable while freeing-up time for high-priority tasks. How time-consuming and costly are your "back office" property management tasks? BackOffice Pro can save you both time and money when you outsource your back office operations to our experienced team.

BackOffice Pro currently handles 1,000 properties and 5,000 monthly calls — our expert team has more than a decade of property management and back office management experience. We help our property manager partners by eliminating many of the stressful and time-consuming tasks from their daily routine.

What will you do with more time? Many of our property management clients use the added time to improve business development — adding more properties to their management portfolio.

As soon as you are ready to get started, the BackOffice Pro team will complete an in-depth analysis of your unique business process. We will help you wherever you need it most — adapting our back office property management services to your needs.

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BOP’s Property Management Services Offered

BackOffice Pro has played a major "hands on" role with multiple property management companies for more than 10 years. Our team of experts understands the stressful and often frantic nature of the property management business — to help make your life easier, we can provide exclusive back office property management services in these four areas:

  • Assistance in Obtaining Tenants BackOffice Pro provides wide-ranging help in this vital area, extending from property inspections to background verification and property listings.
  • Managing Customer Service We serve as a liaison with key parties such as prospective buyers and tenants, current tenants, maintenance companies and property owners. BackOffice Pro resolves problems and inquiries by coordinating all calls. We keep tenant satisfaction levels high at all times.
  • Vendor Coordination BackOffice Pro can source, select and supervise vendors for needed maintenance on a timely but cost-effective basis.
  • Help with Documentation We can collect rents as well as coordinate all documentation including rental agreements and legal processes.

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Why Outsourcing Is the Right Choice for Property Managers

Property management is often a delicate juggling act — finding good tenants without ignoring time-consuming (but important) activities like repair and maintenance. Achieving excellent customer service is frequently limited by the lack of time as well as talent shortages: Who can help you in a way that solves the problem instead of making it worse?

What is the practical solution to this common property management dilemma? With the availability of BackOffice Pro's exclusive services, the cost-effective and timely answer is to outsource your back office tasks to our expert team.

If you need more evidence of why outsourcing is the right property management choice, please consider the following facts provided by a recent global customer service survey conducted by Ebiquity:

  • Satisfied tenants are three times more likely than unsatisfied tenants to renew a lease.
  • 79 percent of high income tenants reported that they are especially likely to be impacted permanently by a bad customer service experience.
  • Talent shortages had at least a medium or high impact on meeting client needs in 56 percent of customer service situations.
  • Only 32 percent of tenants stated that their landlord "listens to them and acts upon their views."

How BackOffice Pro Can Make a Difference

You should think of your tenants' perspective when considering whether outsourcing your back office tasks to BackOffice Pro will make a critical difference. For example, 75 percent of tenants think that a phone call is the best way to get a quick response, and 53 percent are irritated if they can't speak to a "real person" when they make that call. Will your tenants always reach a real person when they are trying to call you? With BackOffice Pro on the job, the answer is yes!

Three of the core areas of strategic focus that often lead to outsourcing are accessing strategic talent (70 percent), gaining access to better technology (62 percent) and improving analytical capabilities (also 62 percent). With BackOffice Pro, you can achieve all three benefits. But the most important way that BackOffice Pro can make a difference in your property management business is likely to be by improving the timeliness and quality of customer service.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

According to a ManPower Group survey, here is where property management companies report the biggest impact when time-consuming tasks are outsourced:

  • 56 percent Improved ability to serve tenants and clients
  • 46 percent Reduced competition factors
  • 34 percent Decreased employee turnover
  • 33 percent Reduced compensation costs
  • 30 percent Increased employee engagement
  • 25 percent Increased creativity and innovation

A Smart Decision Get Started with BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro performs back office management duties throughout the world — regardless of where your properties are located, we can help you lighten your property management back office load. BackOffice Pro is literally ready to start working whenever you give us the green light. Without the need to hire any new employees, you can hire us to reduce property management stress and create more time for new business development. When would you like our back office team to start?