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At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we quickly and efficiently create accurate transcripts and then convert those transcripts into attractive and professionally-rendered subtitles. If you are facing a period of influx or a skill shortage, and are looking for subtitling companies in India, we can assist.

At BOP, we have over a decade of back office experience and full knowledge of the standards and formats required to create any multimedia experience. Irrespective of your location our subtitling back office support can be used for most kinds of media.

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BackOffice Pro’s Subtitling Service Skillsets

At BOP, professional subtitling experts adhere to SLA guidelines and provide exceptional back office support. Our subtitling skillsets include:

  • A highly experienced team of in-country translators, linguists, Quality Analysts, and Project Managers and data entry experts with 2-5 years of relevant industry experience
  • Well versed in Aegisub software
  • Ability to carry out subtitling services including closed and open captioning, source script transcription, video tagging, and more.
  • Able to adhere to ISO quality processes, and provide 99 percent SLA adherence
  • Ability to work under pressure meeting tight delivery timelines
  • Team players with good communication skills, and an eye for detail

Subtitling Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

At BOP, we’re familiar with audio and video formats and work with your existing multimedia without conversion or delay. We know how to create accurate, fast transcripts of video and audio – transcripts guaranteed to be error-free. Our subtitling services take into account the cultural nuances, variations, and mood of each video which include:

  • Closed Captioning Services At BOP, we offer closed audio and video subtitling and captioning services in many foreign languages. Our services include everything from translation to caption encoding. Multiple reviews ensure accurate synchronization of text with video.
  • Open Captioning/Burned-in Captioning We offer permanent film and video captions through open captions in a video or film - useful for those with hearing disabilities. Here the video is shorter as compared to a closed caption that requires a separate text file and video.
  • Source Script Transcription If you do not provide us with a written script, we transcribe from the received audio file, resend back for approval, and then translate the transcribed document into the target language.
  • Integration Post-translation, we re-translate the text back into the source language. Next, the caption translation in the target language is included in the movie to sync accurately with the dialogue.

Benefits of BackOffice Pro’s Subtitling Services Services

Our video subtitling and captioning services have a host of benefits including but not limited to the below:

  • Translate into Any Format: BOP translates audio, video and other multimedia formats into various formats, including paper transcripts, subtitles/captions, voice-overs, MP3, WAV, RA, WMA, MP4, GSM, WMV and more.
  • Touch Multilingual Audiences: Speak volumes in any language with subtitling in 130+ languages including all European, Scandinavian, African, Arabian languages and more
  • Expand Customer Reach: Whatever your multimedia is, whatever its purpose and main targets, sub-titling can expand its potential audience and make it work harder for you. Expand your customer base with cost-effective subtitling services.
  • Work Ease: 24/6 support, easy processes, dedicated Project Manager


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