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BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers meticulous electrical design and detailing when clients outsource electrical design and layout projects to BOP. Working as an exclusive trained resource staff provider, BOP offers exclusive expertise in electrical engineering design services to global clientele. With a knack of requirement understanding and eye for details, the team of electrical layout design specialists works alongside clients to offer instant feedbacks and probable electro-migration issues to help clients with a smoother project operation.

BOP’s team of electrical engineers and design specialists are highly focused and accurate and have helped hundreds of construction houses, architects, engineering firms, manufacturing companies, and real estate agencies. With an understanding of global safety standards and empowered with the latest technologies and tools, BOP is an ideal electrical design and layout services provider.

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Electrical Design & Layout Service Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

Skillset of Electrical Design and Layout Specialists at BackOffice Pro

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  • Graduate or equivalent degree in Electrical or Mechanical engineering
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience in electrical layout design environment
  • Highly skillful in AutoCAD, Vault, Inventor, and other tools
  • Ample Experience in all 3D design related electrical projects
  • Experience in working with multi-disciplinary projects and cross-cultural teams
  • Ability in prioritizing complex as well as important client requirements
  • skilled in global electrical safety standards

Outsource Electrical Design Services to Back Office Pro for Wide Range of Services

BOP’s team of skilled electrical engineering specialists have a track record of providing high-quality electrical layout design projects that meet all international regulatory standards and are easy to deploy. BOP offers zero defect electrical design and layouts that are thoroughly responsible and are built through the reinvention of operational strategies. BOP’s wide range of electrical design services include

  • Industrial Electrical Design and Layouts BOP has lent a hand for many industrial building complex projects and have helped with various Design, engineering as well as the installation of electrical projects, testing of heavy industrial related equipment, etc. BOP also provides support for all types of industrial and commercial related electrical services. Along with that BOP also takes up repair and maintenance of the various industrial building and also works for energy conservation projects.
  • Commercial Electrical Design and Layouts BOP delivers interior electrical design and layouts for commercial building. BOP’s team of engineers also specialize in electrical schematic diagram designing and provide neatly drafted electrical wiring drawings for easy construction work.

Benefits of Outsourcing Electrical Design Services to Back Office Pro

As a pioneer in providing electrical design and layout design firm, BOP provides support for a wide range of electrical layout design and drafting. With a vast number of resources skilled in all the latest tools and technologies, BOP offers a number of benefits that you can not ignore. Here are few such benefits to consider –

  • Over twenty years of experience in offering electrical design and layout services from India
  • Skilled resources from top global technical institutes who are regularly trained on the latest technologies
  • Good knowledge of all international electrical safety-related standards
  • Working towards helping clients reduce delivery deadlines
  • Highly affordable resource deployment to make it easy for clients
  • Understanding of international standards like ANSI, DIN, IEC, IEEE, CENELAC, ISO, etc.
  • Global project management frameworks to ensure timely delivery
  • Dynamic reporting system to help clients with required design enhancements.

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BackOffice Pro works closely with the clients on electrical design and layout drawings to ensure the right kind of material, equipment, and quality control is used to create safer buildings. BOP’s team of engineers assure the highest level of customer satisfaction to clients. BOP offers consistent electrical design services which are smart and usable. BOP’s team offers technical brilliance that assures the highest quality standards and are complete electrical systems that can be deployed.

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