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Outsource Outbound Call Center Services and Transform your Business

In-house outbound call center operations can often present unforeseen challenges, including substantial operational costs, staffing intricacies, and scalability concerns. To mitigate these issues, consider partnering with BackOffice Pro.

Our global presence and 15 years of deep call center domain expertise have helped us to provide cost-effective, quality outbound call center services. Hire our dedicated resources that are available round-the-clock, bridging time zone gaps. Trust BackOffice Pro to outsource outbound call center services and convert call center challenges into opportunities.

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Our Skills

Skills That Make Us Your Ideal Partner to Outsource Outbound Call Center

Communication Skills

Our team excels at articulating ideas clearly, listening actively, and engaging customers effectively.

Persuasion Skills

We have the ability to convince potential customers about the benefits of your products or services.

Customer Service

We understand the importance of maintaining positive customer relationships and delivering a high level of service.

Sales Acumen

Our team is adept at identifying sales opportunities and closing deals effectively.


We are skilled at resolving customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Multitasking Skills

We effectively handle multiple calls and tasks simultaneously, keeping wait times to a minimum.

Market Knowledge

We understand market trends and customer preferences, enabling us to target potential customers effectively.

Negotiation Skills

We are skilled at negotiating debt repayment terms and sales contracts, ensuring favorable outcomes.


Maximize Your Business Potential with BackOffice Pro’s Outbound Call Center Services


Telemarketing Services

  • Promotional calling to potential customers to introduce products or services.

Appointment Setting

  • Scheduling appointments for sales meetings, demos, or consultations.

Lead Generation

  • Identifying and cultivating potential customers for the business products or services.

Customer Surveys

  • Conducting telephonic surveys to gather customer feedback and insights.

Debt Collection

  • Calling customers to collect unpaid debts or bills and work diligently to recover your revenue.

Market Research

  • Conducting telephonic interviews as part of market research activities and collecting primary data.

Follow-up Calls

  • Making follow-up calls to customers post-purchase or service delivery for better customer relationships.

Product / Service Sales

  • Tactfully pitching new product launches or service offerings to customers.

Hire Outbound Call Center Services from BackOffice Pro: Your Partner for Success

Handling High Call Volume

Managing a high volume of calls efficiently, ensuring your customers always have a point of contact.

Impressive Conversion Rate

Skilled at turning calls into successful outcomes, whether that's a sale or an appointment.

Optimal Call Duration

Striking a balance between speed and accuracy, ensuring customers are satisfied without time waste.

First Call Close Success

Our goal is to close on the first call, saving time and effort and improving customer satisfaction.

High Customer Satisfaction

Our client feedback consistently reports high satisfaction levels, proving our commitment.

Low Abandonment Rate

Efficient call handling results in a low number of customers hanging up before they can reach an agent.

Partnering for Success

Make the Smart Move: Outsource Outbound Call Center to BackOffice Pro

Outsource outbound call center operations to BackOffice Pro for excellence and efficiency. Through our 8 global delivery centers, we offer various outbound call center services, including telemarketing, appointment setting, and lead generation. Hire our resources for outbound call center services, we prioritize customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Outsource outbound call center services to BackOffice Pro and enhance your customer relations.