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BackOffice Pro (BOP) helps clients to predict baseline cost for any construction or manufacturing projects when they outsource construction cost estimation services. The civil engineering professionals at BOP consider the cost of material, labor, location, time, machinery use and use the latest software to compile and provide accurate cost estimates for any specific project. BOP’s comprehensive cost estimation services help determine not just initial construction cost but also operational as well as maintenance costs.

Backed by ISO processes and global delivery models, BOP’s talented and reliable professionals help clients prevent major cost overruns or loss in due time while identifying areas to minimize costs and to add more value to the entire project lifecycle.

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Construction Cost Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

When clients outsource construction cost estimation services to BOP, they can be assisted by specialized estimators with the right skills. When hiring full-time cost estimators can prove expensive, BOP works with client’s in-house teams to provide construction cost estimation for both small to large projects in a cost-effective manner. At BOP, the team of cost estimation professionals offers the following skillsets.

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  • Degree in project management or construction, or engineering (civil, electrical, or architectural disciplines) from reputed educational institutes.
  • 3 to 5 years in providing construction cost estimation services to varied sizes as well as industries
  • Advanced skills in estimation software
  • Knowledge of construction costs, local guidelines, and engineering principles
  • Ability to comply to international standards with preciseness
  • Highly organized as well as detail-oriented multitaskers
  • Meeting deadlines with consistency
  • Experience in AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Building Material Estimators (Win), Quest Estimator, and ProEst Estimating.
  • Experienced in working with Project Management Tools and applying lean construction principles

Construction Cost Services at BackOffice Pro

Minimizing construction costs and maximizing resources, BOP’s team of construction cost estimators help many clients control the entire project cost-effective. While helping profitability with construction projects, BOP offers a list of services to a growing list of clients that includes residential and commercial construction agencies, engineering design firms, architects, independent contractors, etc.

BOP’s Construction cost estimation services include:

  • Preliminary Estimates This includesscreening estimates along with magnitude estimates which are based on dynamic predictions on the capacity of a specified project.
  • Basic Material Cost Estimation We provide the quantity takeoff details such as site work, concrete, masonry, precast, reinforcing steel, lumber, drywall, insulation, roofing, millwork, doors and window, fixture, metal framing, painting, electric, plumbing, heating takeoff, etc.
  • Establishment and Production Engineering Cost Estimation With this service, our team of experts calculate and list the detailed estimated cost for establishing, assembly production, and construction procedures,etc.
  • Engineering Activities Estimation With years of experience in dealing with such projects, we provide detailed reports on Bid Estimates and other control estimations.

Benefits of Outsourcing Civil Engineering services to BOP

As a chosen construction cost estimation services provider, BOP offers high-quality engineering support services to ease out the crucial cost estimation process that cripples construction projects. Among the major benefits that BOP offers, here are a few:

  • Advanced technological know-how as well as an understanding of international civil engineering codes and standards to help cost estimation process
  • Highly time and cost-effective services offer through the BOP’s global delivery centers
  • Improved data security through strict privacy policies and secured data labs that ensure date safety
  • ISO adhered global delivery processes that assure higher ROI for every construction cost estimation project.

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BOP’s industry partnerships allow clients to use extensive domain expertise to gain the best construction cost estimation services. The team at BOP offers multiple cross checks that strike out any scope of error and provide highly precise and accurate estimations.

Outsource construction cost estimation services to BOP today and hire BOP’s skilled team to help your civil engineering, MEP, electrical or HVAC construction projects.