Data Security
at BackOffice Pro

Outsourcing office tasks that involve large volumes of your company’s proprietary data can be risky if the company you choose does not have secure processes in place for the transfer and protection of that data. BackOffice Pro takes data security very seriously and as a result has a number of carefully maintained systems and processes in place to ensure no issues develop.

With multiple layers of security – both physical and legal – we ensure that your data is only seen and used by those who are qualified to do so and that it is constantly tracked so you can see what has been done and who has had access to that data.

To start, we use a strict Non–Disclosure Agreement that we recommend to each of our customers. These documents show our commitment to data security from the start and ensure that you have full protection against any loss. We also require all of our staff to sign individual NDAs before accessing or working on any projects.

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BackOffice Pro Data Security Systems

ITo ensure that the contents of your data are protected at all times, we have a number of security measures in place beyond legal protection. These include physical and digital layers of security both in our building and on our VPN servers.

To start, all email and data we receive and send is fully encrypted and we backup data both on and off site to ensure no leakage of that data. Once a project is completed, we return original documents or ensure destruction of those documents (with proof) so there is no content that could be compromised in the future.

We also use the following preventive measures to ensure there are no physical or digital data leaks in our company:

  • Login to access building
  • Locked workstations only accessible by authorized users
  • SmartCard access to building
  • NDA signed by all employees
  • Digital signatures required alongside all access and work
  • Cisco VPN Tunnel used for security network

By using a customized VPN tunnel we are able to ensure the protection of data in transfers between our servers and those of our clients. Using a Cisco PIX firewall, we are also able to block external ports and maintain secure connections. Our buildings are also monitored by physical surveillance, including security cameras and officers and regular audits and facility monitoring to avoid any oversights.

When it comes time to outsource any components of your business’s internal workings, trust your data security to the experts of BackOffice Pro. Contact us today to learn about our security procedures and how they are designed to protect you.