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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a chosen Revit service outsourcing services provider that helps clients with design, drafting as well as modeling structures using Revit. As an engineering resource support provider, BOP helps architects, builders, and construction companies overcome technological and economic barriers. BOP’s Revit specialists come with extensive experience and are skilled in advanced technologies and help a wide range of projects, including retail, corporate, commercial, residential, educational, healthcare related construction projects.

As a Revit outsourcing services provider, BOP offers the entire range of Revit modeling using tools like Revit and Revit LT as well as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Navisworks, 3DS Max Showcase, Building Design Suite (BDS), and more.

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Skillset of Revit Specialists at BackOffice Pro

BOP is one of the top Revit outsourcing companies from India and provides unequaled Revit modeling services that are used by hundreds of clients from across the globe. BOP boasts a team of select Revit specialists who are skilled as follows –

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  • Graduate Degree in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, or related fields
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in working with modeling environment and BIM projects
  • Skilled in Revit, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Navisworks, etc.
  • Experience in working with global project management processes
  • Adaptability to work with cross-cultural teams
  • Strong design and modeling skills with an understanding of international building standards

Try Revit Services Outsourcing from BackOffice Pro

BOP’s Revit services outsourcing are an outcome of years of domain experience and technological expertise that has been gathered through hundreds of successful project delivery to hundreds of clients. BOP’s team of Revit specialists, engineers, architects, designers, and team leaders are well versed with latest project management tools and technologies and even handhold clients with various complex projects.

BOP’s Revit modeling services cover a wide range of requirements and have helped many construction companies so far. These services include

  • Revit 3D Modeling BOP offers highly appealing 3D modeling using Revit and has helped many clients over the years.
  • Revit Drawing and Drafting Services BOP offers highly proficient drawing and drafting services to help clients get accurate drawings and designs using Revit.
  • Revit Construction Documentation Understanding that construction documents can be overwhelmingly complex, BOP offers resource support to help create accurate construction documentation using Revit and other BIM tools.
  • MEP Clash and Conflict Detection Complex building projects require conflict detection and management and BOP’s experienced resources and experienced staff help with various MEP clash detection and resolution.
  • Parametric Revit Family Creation BOP’s team of Revit specialists, are capable of creating Revit parametric family creation and help clients get accurate drawings
  • Virtual Building Project A team of highly skilled Revit specialists helped clients with virtual building projects when clients chose BOP as their Revit outsourcing services partner.
  • CAD to Revit Conversions BOP helps clients convert complex drawings from AutoCAD to Revit.

Choose BackOffice Pro’s Revit Outsourcing Services to Get the Most Out of Your Investment

BOP helps clients with a completely customized solution for complex BIM projects and helps with end-to-end Revit solutions that are regularly monitored to help clients with the fitting solutions. BOP is your ideal Revit outsourcing services partner who can help you with accurate and affordable services without compromising on quality.

Here is a list of benefits that you can avail when you chose BOP’s resources for your Revit design and drafting project.

  • We strictly follow ISO Certified project management process that helps clients in a multitude of ways
  • BOP helps clients maintain as well as Revit files with ease
  • Highly cost-effective and timely deliveries saving clients time and effort.
  • Two decades of experience in providing engineering resource support to global clientele
  • Strong Adherence to international building standards and NDAs

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BackOffice Pro is a skilled resource support partner with ample experience in Revit family creation and designing. BOP has the required technical expertise and know how to help with end-to-end building projects including BIM services.

Talk to BOP today to understand how BOP’s skilled resources can help transform your project with smooth drawing and drafting solutions.