Outsource Point Cloud Data Processing Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is an adept resource partner for all engineering support services including point cloud data processing. Over the years, BOP has supported many top engineering firms, construction companies, urban planners, government bodies with top-notch point cloud services. On outsourcing Point Cloud to CAD requirements to BOP, clients can be benefited from restoration, extension, and renovation of legacy or heritage buildings. Whether the blueprints are lost or are incomplete, BOP can help you get it sorted by taking your point cloud data to recreate the designs and models as required.

Using point cloud and laser scan data, BOP helps create 3D models with different LODs (level of detail) to meet varied client needs. BOP has worked alongside many architects, engineers, contractors, surveyors, and urban planners.

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Skillset of Point Cloud to BIM Professionals at BackOffice Pro

As a point cloud to CAD and BIM resource support services provider, BOP helps to Convert Point Cloud To 3D Model in Revit. BOP’s team of highly skilled Point cloud data conversion specialists come laced with the following skills.

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  • Graduate degree in architecture or engineering disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical or Civil
  • Relevant experience in Revit and associated architectural engineering experience.
  • Skilled in creating and modifying Revit families as well as CAD dynamic blocks.
  • Ability to work with Bentley Pointools, Pointfuse, Autodesk Recap, Geomagic, Meshlab, Phidias, Cloud Compare, Descartes, Scalypso, etc. for editing and viewing purposes. Autocad, Autodesk Recap 360 Pro, Bentley, Rhino, 3Ds Studio Max, etc. for modeling purposes and Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft, Archicad, and Allplan for BIM purposes.
  • Understanding of Revit model coordination along with Navisworks clash detection.
  • Hands on experience in working on construction projects related to industrial, commercial, hospitality, education, governmental, healthcare, etc.
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and prioritize high complexity tasks to help clients.
  • Adaptability to work with cross-cultural multi-functional teams

Point Cloud Data Processing Services by BackOffice Pro

BOP helps the client to design structurally as well as architectural and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection (MEPF) models and also ensures all the drawings meet global standards. BOP’s team of skilled and professional point cloud specialists take it as a challenge when it comes to providing accurate 3D replicas while ensuring that they meet varied requirements.

Here is a list of Point Cloud Data Processing services offered by BOP:

  • Point Cloud to BIM BOP works as your resource support partner to convert Point Cloud to 3D Model in Revit. BOP has the expertise in handling high-definition flawless data to create precise models that are exact replicas of the buildings for renovation and rehabilitation projects.
  • Point Cloud Modeling BOP helps in creating accurate models using point cloud data for visualization, construction, and documentation of various engineering projects. BOP offers 3D models for base design level, 4D models for construction scheduling, 5D models for cost management, 6D models for sustainability optimization, and 7D models for facility management.
  • Point Cloud Consultation BOP also works closely with clients to clarify point cloud-related aspect for a specific project and helps to create better visibility towards construction renovation or rehabilitation.

Choose BackOffice Pro for Point Cloud Data Processing Requirements

BOP has over twenty years of experience in handling conversion and Digitization projects. BOP’s team of skilled point cloud to BIM specialists can scale up to meet surges in client requirements. BOP offers some unmatched benefits when clients outsource Point cloud to Revit or BIM projects.

  • Regularly trained resources to meet complex project needs and are updated on international building regulations to offer impeccable modeling services
  • 24*6 support to reduce the response time of client queries
  • Global locations to help clients with specific requirements
  • ISO certified project management processes to ensure the projects meet all quality standards
  • Secured labs ensure client data remains safe.

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BackOffice Pro is your ideal resource support partner with ample knowledge on construction projects. As a result of handling multiple BIM projects with various teams from across the globe, BOP offers some crucial value adds and offers the much-needed consulting. Contact BOP today for point cloud data processing services.