American Urologist and Inventor Gets 3D Modeling Assistance for Feminine Hygiene Product Design and Development

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BackOffice Pro (BOP), a global outsourcing partner for various industries, provide 3D modeling and prototyping services to several product manufacturing companies to help them in their product design and development. With expertise in software like AutoCAD, Solidworks, Rhino, 3ds MAX, Inventor, we deliver high-quality 3D modeling complying with the clients’ requirements.


About the Client - An American Urologist

The client is an American urologist, and inventor of a groundbreaking feminine hygiene product, has developed a compact range of portable products.

Client Requirements – 3D Modeling and Prototyping

He got in touch with BackOffice Pro (BOP) and required a partner to assist in 3D modeling, and prototyping the final product. Various capacities were planned, and each had to be thoroughly refined before handing over to the manufacturing company. The client specified that BOP’s team was to find the best US-approved materials and that the product was to be developed in adherence to ASME standards.




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Challenges Involved in the 3D Modeling Project

  • The client required daily updates from the BOP team about the project’s progress.
  • The design was frequently altered, evolving into a new shape during the project’s lifespan.
  • BOP took total control of the prototyping phase and production management of the new product range.
  • The client highly prioritized the aesthetics and overall appearance of the end product, resulting in numerous revisions.

Solutions by BackOffice Pro on the 3D Modeling Project

In tackling the challenges involved with this new range of products, BOP’s team adhered to our company’s stepwise methods to deliver the desired outcomes.

  • Three dedicated team members were allocated the task of coming to terms with the requirements and carrying out the process to completion. The client shared input into the progress of these premium new products.
  • A meeting was conducted to create a greater picture of the client’s wishes, which BOP analyzed in detail. The presentation of the design concept was delivered within ten days of the initial meeting. With the client’s approval secured, the project was set into full swing with frequent input from the client.
  • The unique nature of the new products proved a challenge with no existing products to use as a benchmark. The client’s guidance in this regard was vital.
  • The technical prototype was manufactured and presented to our client, along with a PowerPoint presentation with a visual representation of the project. The client’s approval was secured, and the prototype and supporting documentation was handed over to the manufacturer.
  • BOP’s dedicated core team made use of Solidworks software to facilitate the completion of the project.

3D Modeling Project Takeaways

The success of this project led to a strong partnership between BackOffice Pro and the client. BOP’s team showed diligence and care in honing the design features of the product and delivering the approved prototype. As a result, our client chose to outsource their branding and manufacturing through BOP to continue the mutual growth.

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