Outsource HVAC Ducting Design Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) provides a lot of options to outsource HVAC Ducting Design services that are high quality and cost effective. BOP’s HVAC Ducting Design services help clients meet growing needs of evolving architecture, appliances and other factors that impact residential and commercial real estate and construction projects. Allowing clients to save overhead expenses on hiring skilled resources and adding relevant infrastructure, BOP works as an outsourcing support partner to help clients stay ahead in the business.

BOP helps construction firms, engineers, architects, and appliances designers as well as building material suppliers with efficient and economic ducting system design services that allow clients to optimize time and resources for core aspects of the construction projects.

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HVAC Ducting Design Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

As a outsourcing support services provider, BackOffice Pro has helped many international clients avail superb ducting design services provided by BOP’s talented HVAC design specialists. When clients outsource HVAC Ducting Design Services to BOP, it allows them to get help for a highly professional team with the following skillset:

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  • Degree in electrical, civil or architectural disciplines
  • Experience in HVAC/Refrigeration repair or design with Industrial equipment in environment.
  • Good understanding in all major HVAC system designs
  • Ability to read and analyze complicated blueprints, schematics, specifications, drawings, codes, as well as handbooks.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks in multiple simultaneous project scenarios.
  • Experience in testing electrical and mechanical devices.
  • Knowledge on software like AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, EPLAN, Navisworks, Elit, Carrier-HAP, and Train-Trace 600

HVAC Ducting Design Services at BackOffice Pro

BOP is an ideal engineering support services provider that works with the clients to design piping layouts using latest and relevant technologies that cover all aspects of HVAC building services. The comprehensive HVAC ductwork design services from BOP cover Commercial Buildings, Residential Complexes, Retail Businesses, Utilities Companies, Computer Data Centers, Industrial Buildings, Institutional Facilities, Mining Facilities, etc.

When clients outsource HVAC Ducting design services to BOP, it allows them to access world class technology, skilled resources and ISO certified processes that assure higher ROI within a shorter timeline. BOP’s Ducting System Design services include –

  • Drafting and Designing services for all HVAC System related Construction Drawings
  • Duct Sizing as well as Design Layout Drawings
  • Equipment Piping and Sizing Layout Drawings
  • Schematics, Schedules, Legends, Detail, and Control Diagrams
  • Mechanical Equipment Layouts
  • Elevation and Submittals Drawings
  • Addendums, Specifications, and Coordination Drawings
  • Shop Drawings and As-Builts
  • Piping Layout, Duct Design and Heat Load Calculations

HVAC Commercial & Residential Ducting Services at BackOffice Pro

Apart from these BOP also undertakes commercial and residential HVAC ducting design services with manifold levels of class analysis.

  • Ventilation Design Service BOP’s ventilation system designs include central air systems, window and rooftop units, air cleaners, filters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ductless split systems, etc.
  • Kitchen Design and LayoutBOP’s skilled team offers commercial kitchen exhaust hoods, overhead units, and sheet metal ducts.
  • Heating Systems DesignBOP offers HVAC services for wall and floor, furnaces, space heaters, gas and oil burners, boilers, heat pumps, direct vents, standard & ground Source, air and water pumps, natural gas, heating radiant, thermostats, indoor coil systems, and more.
  • Cooling Systems Design BOP provides drafting services for air conditioners, ice machine installation, refrigeration, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Civil Engineering services to BOP

BOP helps clients optimize efficiency of energy, reduce cost of equipment, improves operational productivity and offers a number of unsurpassable benefits such as

  • Multiple Industry Experience BOP provides HVAC ducting design services to engineers, architects, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) consultants, building contractors, construction firms, and AutoCAD service providers.
  • Cutting-edge Technical Expertise The team of duct system design is consistently trained to meet technological changes and are efficient in using latest and relevant software required for MEP Drafting.
  • Global Delivery Centers BOP offers 24*6 support to its global clientele. The strategic locations of BOP’s delivery centers allow minimum delays to change requests and response time to queries is faster and more efficient.
  • ISO Certified Process Every project undertaken at BOP goes through proper quality processes and are ISO certified to ensure quality of the deliverables.
  • Superior Data Security BOP’s development labs are fully secured and proper NDAs and SLAs are drawn to ensure client data is unhampered and are stored for safe access.