Outsource Structural Fabrication Drawing Service

With unmatched experience in structural steel drafting services, BackOffice Pro (BOP) understands your need for high-quality deliverables at a competitive price and swift turnaround time. That is why we are a leader in providing steel fabrication drawing and design packages. As part of our structural engineering services, we cover shop fabrication drawings, field installation drawings, steel member and connection detail drawings, and many others.

BOP is ready to step in should your team be faced with a critical workforce shortage. Regardless of whether you are just a little understaffed, or those essential roles are missing entirely, the outsourced staff at BOP is there to help fill the gaps and bolster the strength of your team!

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BackOffice Pro’s Expertise in Steel Fabrication Drafting

BackOffice Pro strives to provide nothing but the best talent to support the outsource structural fabrication service we provide. That means staff who are educated, experienced, and professional. All of our personnel embody:

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  • Solid knowledge of AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Tekla, or another CAD platform
  • Experience in all phases of steel structure design and across numerous industries – industrial, residential, and commercial structures, bridges, parking garages, etc.
  • The ability to interpret architectural prints and sketches and convert them into technical drawings and plans
  • A commitment to the strictest of quality standards
  • Dedication to collaboration with project managers, estimators, engineers, and other key personnel
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Some of the staff are also degreed professionals with Bachelor’s Degrees in Civil, Structural, or Architectural Engineering

Scope of Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

The engineers, drafters, and designers of BackOffice Pro are diligent in tailoring a drawing package to the needs of your project. Our outsource structural fabrication service includes:

  • General Arrangement Drawings Our team of engineers help you with the intuitive representations of your overall structure with clear directions on where to find the details you need.
  • Erection and Installation Drawings As part of our structural erection drawing service, we provide the dimensions and details of where each structural component is located and how they will be assembled.
  • Fabrication Drawings BackOffice Pro’s team of fabrication drawing, and drafting specialists provide the exact dimensional and machining details for all the required members.
  • Member Detail Drawings Having worked on several structural detailing projects, we understand your requirements well and provide all the features or additional specifications required for each piece of steel.
  • Detail Drawings for Riveted, Welded, or Bolted Connections We create the drawings that includes shear and moment connections, end plates, anchor bolts, and any other similar requirements.
  • Fabrication Drawing Review Our team has worked on many complex structural engineering projects and can help identify design discrepancies, provide corrections, and offer what you need to complement the existing drawings.
  • Secondary Process Documents Our offerings help support your process from start to finish with Material Take-Offs, Bills of Materials, Bolt Lists, and many more as part of your structural fabrication requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing to BackOffice Pro

We haven’t done our job if we haven’t added value to your project. A few of the benefits you stand to gain by working with BackOffice Pro includes:

  • Intuitive, easily legible drawings that save you time and money during fabrication and erection
  • Custom documentation packages that can be adapted to fill whatever drawing gaps your project might have
  • Multiple software and deliverable options utilizing the latest, most versatile applications
  • Deliverables that go the extra mile to simplify your project, like bills of material, material details, etc.
  • Flexible, skilled, and professional staffing support that grows or shrinks to meet your needs

Make BackOffice Pro Your Trusted Fabrication Services Partner

Don’t let a sudden demand for more people or the right people threaten the success of your project! BackOffice Pro will quickly become your preferred partner for outsourced staffing to support structural steel drafting efforts. Our services offer a level of detail, quality, and timeliness that cannot be matched by our competitors. Regardless of project size or complexity, we provide the highest quality work at the best value. Contact us today to discuss the needs of your next structural steel design project, no matter how complicated they might be, and our experts will provide a quote as soon as possible!