Canadian Mechanical Engineering Company Used Outsourcing Model to Cut It hydraulic fixture Detailing Cost

The Business Need

This particular job demanded detailing services that was part of a hydraulic fixture installation process. The Canadian client required help with the hydraulic clamping fixture and wanted us to stick to the SolidWorks 2009 engineering design software since that is what they were most accustomed to.

The important thing was that the client needed us to provide the detailing services within a week. However, this did not deter us since we had able professionals who were part of our resource pool. To ensure the bid came to us, we even offered a highly competitive rate.

The Client

This Canada based engineering services company has made quite a name for itself by providing regular services to a famous car manufacturing brand. But on one of the more recent projects with that brand, the client felt that their expertise in mechanical engineering was not at par with what was needed.

The Back Office Pro Solution

Since we had the right kind of manpower for this project, our work was already half done. We started off by laying out a project plan that discussed various methods and engineering tools to be used on this project, the amount of resources needed for this, etc. while at the same time paying the highest level of attention to IT security – including prevention of both external and internal threats.

  • Circuit diagram of the hydraulic fixture
  • Meticulous designing of the hydraulic fixture
  • Mould and die design
  • Special purpose design for the machine
  • Jig and fixture design
  • This was one of or specialized areas
  • Our approach was very process driven
  • Full compliance with security standards
  • Proper use of SolidWorks 2009
  • Detail oriented 2D drawings
  • 3D model production


The Result

Owing to our prowess in mechanical engineering, the client was fully satisfied with our services and this lead to promises of future collaborations as well.

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