Outsource Cabinet Drafting Services

With an unmatched ability and experience in the field of Cabinet Vision drafting, casework design, and modeling, BackOffice Pro (BOP) understands your need for high-quality deliverables at a competitive price. Our outsourcing engagement model has been refined over the years to suit the business needs of our clients and ensures in-time delivery for time-critical projects.

Having catered to hundreds of clients across the US, the UK, Europe, Australia, and North America, BOP has been a leading provider of professional drawing and modeling services irrespective of project size and complexity. Regardless of whether you are understaffed, or those essential roles are missing entirely, our back-office support team can work as your virtual staff to fill the gaps and bolster the strength of your in-house team.

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BackOffice Pro’s Expertise in Cabinetry Design

BOP’s outsourced modeling and design staff are educated, experienced, and professional. They can support any cabinet, casework, or closet project for designers, contractors, and manufacturers of all sizes. We have individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skillsets on our staff, ready to tackle your most demanding project.

  • Experienced with the latest software packages like Cabinet Vision and Solid Standard
  • Well-versed in a wide array of projects, including Residential Kitchens and Bath; Commercial Casework, such as reception desks, bars, store counters, and point of sale stations; and Closets and Storage for residential applications, classrooms, laboratories, or offices
  • Advanced knowledge of cabinet and casework construction methods and techniques
  • Strong ability to interpret clients' and architects design intent and translate intent into construction drawings
  • Incredible work ethic with attention to detail

Scope of Cabinet Drafting Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

The Cabinet Vision drafters and designers at BackOffice Pro work with only the most popular and powerful applications (primarily, Planit’s Cabinet Vision and Hexagon’s Solid Standard) to provide outstanding support for projects of any size and complexity level. So, whether you are simply looking to visualize a basic concept or are prepared for the manufacturing and construction of a massive project, we can tailor our work to meet your needs. As part of our stellar Cabinet Vision Service, we offer:

  • Photo-realistic 3D Renderings Our incredibly realistic 3D renderings allow you or your clients to visualize the new space and equipment in real color, texture, size, and detail to take the appropriate project decisions.
  • Drawing and Model Packages We provide exactly what you need - from a conceptual model to complete the packages that are ready for you to use in manufacturing and installation. We also have “Screen-to-Machine” abilities for seamless connection of Cabinet Vision, Solid Standard, and other software to your manufacturing equipment.
  • Cut Lists and Bill of Materials Our cut lists and BOM packages suggest optimized material requirements along with the details on what you will need for a board, edging, hardware, etc.

Advantages of Outsourcing Cabinet Drafting Services to Back Office Pro

The advantages of working with BackOffice Pro will be easy to see:

  • Realistic models and thoroughly detailed drawings that blow away the competition
  • Multiple software and deliverable options utilizing the latest, most versatile applications
  • Fast and Easy Alterations and Revisions that provide every desired detail while keeping your project on schedule.
  • We also go the extra mile by offering perks like cut lists and bills of material to simplify your project
  • On-time and lower budget projects that also offer incredible value with our low Cabinet vision solid standard price
  • Flexible staffing support for cabinetry and casework design and modeling projects of any size

Make BackOffice Pro Your Trusted Partner for Cabinet Vision Services

Don’t let a sudden demand for more people or the right people threaten the success of your project! BackOffice Pro will quickly become your preferred partner for outsourced staffing on any cabinetry design or modeling projects. Our Cabinet Vision and Solid Standard services offer lightning-fast design changes, amazing renderings, and complete work packages for all architectural drafting service requirements. Regardless of project size and complexity, we provide the highest quality work at the best value. Our dedicated professionals will produce results that cannot be matched by our competitors. Contact us today to discuss the needs of your cabinetry or casework modeling project, no matter how complicated they might be, and our experts will provide a quote as soon as possible!