CATIA Outsourcing Services

BackOffice Pro offers CATIA services to potential clients who seek to utilize CAD, 3D modeling, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and more. For process-centric manufacturing and mechanical engineering organizations, the design process before any manufacturing is paramount, and incorporating all aspects of the product life cycle is critical to a successful and robust product. To achieve these goals, you should outsource CATIA services to India at BackOffice Pro (BOP). We are trained and skilled in product design, drafting, and modeling, product synthesis, simulation, and analysis.

When you outsource to BOP, at your fingertips will be a team of systems architects, engineers, designers, construction professionals, to define the final product to deliver.

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CATIA 3D Mechanical Designing Service Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

For any engineering, manufacturing, and production entity, utilizing software tools like CATIA is of the highest priority. At BackOffice Pro we bring a complete and trusted set of skills to the table for you:

CATIA services skillsets
  • The experts at BackOffice Pro are highly trained with the tool with the skills of unique and high tech engineering, design, and planning opportunities.
  • Skilled in helping you simulate real-life conditions of your design, saving immense time and money on the prototyping process by utilizing CATIA’s simulation abilities.
  • Good Understanding of Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T), through which we model the range of dimensional tolerances possible for your product.
  • Adept in analyzing the connection between curves, connecting and smoothing curves, creating adaptive swept surfaces, and replacing units using CATIA.
  • Expertise on assemblies and machines, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic engineering with a deep understanding of the machining and engineering processes.
  • The BOP team knows the full gamut of drafting and designing in CATIA.
  • Proficient in load simulation techniques and analyzing the durability of your product under different loads.
  • Adroit in Surface modeling, generative shape design, Sheet Metal design, Assembly design of a product.

CATIA Outsourcing Services BackOffice Pro Offers:

When you opt to utilize CATIA design services with BackOffice Pro, our experts can offer you a variety of options for services that can enable your design and production processes:

  • Conversion of 3D parts from 2D sketches The BOP team, using CATIA, converts 2D Sketches to three-dimensional models for production purposes.
  • Drafting and Modeling Services The BOP experts can take all the available input you have and help you to create drafts and models of the products and parts you desire, all using CATIA.
  • Mechanical Assemblies CATIA empowers the BOP team to take the separate part models to create mechanical assemblies as well.
  • Product design We help you with the entire product design process, from ideation to modeling and beyond, using our expertise in the areas of engineering and modeling using CATIA tools.
  • 3D sketches Even if you don’t want a fully fleshed out 3D model, BOP can deliver a version of the 3D sketch that starts to formulate the idea you had for 3D modeling.
  • 3D Modeling to 3D Printing Utilizing CATIA design, the BackOffice Pro team will get you to the 3D modeling with the help of advanced technology in 3D printing that looks like a prototype of reality.
  • Product Lifecycle Management Using the CATIA software tools, BackOffice Pro can help you model and design with the product life cycle in mind which holds up and satisfies potential customers.
  • Product synthesis services Utilize BOP’s product synthesis services, with CATIA, and put everything about your product together into a systems-based product to bring the product to life.
  • Simulation and analysis Within the CATIA software tool, our experts will walk you through every type of simulation or analysis to determine which process may be able to help optimize your product.
  • Surface modeling The surface modeling expertise of the BOP, use CATIA to convert complex curvatures and intricate designs to seamlessly and easily to understand models for you.

Benefits of CATIA Outsourcing Services to BackOffice Pro

Besides saving you time and money while delivering an unbeatable product, BackOffice Pro boasts a wide variety of benefits when you choose to outsource CATIA services to India with us:

  • Get to a 3D modeled product when starting with more basic sketches, by outlining fully detailed industrial assemblies.
  • Get 2D to 3D modeling more quickly and with more ease than you ever thought possible.
  • BOP offers a new way to manage links between objects and related behaviors in configured assemblies
  • Get a comprehensive and system-focused design as an end product.
  • Get advanced design and drafting for mechanical surfacing, based on a powerful specification-driven modeling approach.

Outsource CATIA Services Requirements to BOP

Even if you aren’t an expert in 3D modeling or design tools like CATIA yourself, your product and designs need to utilize them to benefit from the optimizations and improvements they allow. By outsourcing your CATIA CAD to BackOffice Pro, you’ll know you’re not missing out on anything, but rather your designs will be utilizing the greatest amount of expertise and knowledge in the industry on such tools at an affordable price. Those are the benefits when you outsource CATIA services to India.

Reach out to us today at BackOffice Pro so we can share more information about our team of experts, our CATIA services, and what we can offer to you.