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As a market research company, BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers custom research services to bring in rich insights that help better decision making when clients outsource market research projects to BOP. Working as an offsite research partner to global enterprises, BOP brings in professional resources with a practical and systematic approach to help clients make smarter business decisions. With over two decades of experience as a resource support partner, BOP has delivered hundreds of market research reports to meet crucial market research requirements.

BOP helps clients in beating their competition and staying ahead in competition by making smarter decisions. Using qualitative and quantitative research techniques, BOP’s skilled team of market research analysts critically analyze required information to make it comprehensible.

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BOP’s Market Research Skillsets

BOP’s skilled market analysts are adept at filtering information to gather only valid and useful insights that positively impact decision making. BOP’ team of professional market research analysts come with the following skillsets.

  • Graduate degree in Marketing, Statistics, economics, management, or related disciplines
  • 2-5 years of experience in market research and industry assessment along with customer & competition analysis
  • Knowledge in SAS or SPSS
  • Familiarity with several online and offline sources
  • Advanced statistical analysis skills
  • Adaptability to learn new techniques and skills to take up higher responsibilities
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams to deliver the best market research reports
  • Understanding cultural and geographical influences to prepare valuable reports
  • Brand Research BOP’s market research services for brand analysis bring invaluable data on client brands as well as competition data to enable specific brands to be positioned in a better manner.
  • Qualitative Market Research BOP uses social science annotations to help clients assess customer reaction to various products, brands, and services.
  • Fabric Market Research We offer fabric market research services to textile companies to help them with their fabric product development.
  • Healthcare Market Research BOP assists in in-depth market research for the healthcare industry to help in the betterment of the healthcare product, services and facilities.
  • Forex Market Research BOP currency researchers offer forex market research report to support forex traders, investment banks and commercial banks with precise forex market conditions and price movement predictions.
  • Product Research Services BOP market research experts identify the need, feedback, demand and consumer behavior of the target market through product survey, competitor analysis, etc.
  • Sales Analysis BOP analysts assists in building strategies to the stock inventories, gauging and standardizing the manufacturing capacity and company performance and predicting the sales trends, etc.
  • Market Trend Analysis We provide insights on the global market trends, consumerization, technology landscape, pricing strategy, industry trends, demand and supply trends etc.
  • Market Feasibility Analysis BOP offers market feasibility analysis to global companies to help them in gaining market insights on the feasibility and profitability of the business.
  • Business Plan We prepare business plans for global companies with accurate company profiling and details on product, finance, mission, strategies.
  • Industry Reports The ace market analysts at BOP create various market research reports with valuable insights and analysis that help organizations to make important business decisions.

Market Research Services We Offer

  • Market Research Data Analysis BOP leverages its knowledge on various statistical tools to collect, analyze, examine, filter, transform, and model data that allow fact-based enterprise-level business decisions.
  • Quantitative Market Research BOP’s research analysts are adept at statistical tools and established methodologies which allows them to provide unbiased data insights.
  • International Market Research BOP studies consumer behavior breaking geographical barriers to help clients position their products and services.
  • Online Research BOP’s research analysts, offer accurate analysis of many leading trends as well as other qualitative data to offer real-time insights from online platforms, social media monitoring.
  • Market Research Survey Analysis BOP’s team of research analysts, analyze the results of various market research surveys which clients have conducted to study the results and help them utilize the insights in a better manner.
  • Primary Market Research BOP helps you with interviews, surveys observations, as well as ethnographic studies to help you specify brand related facts to enhance them for better marketability.
  • Real Estate Market Research We offer thorough research for the property market to enable you to make better strategies while investing in real estate.
  • Market Sizing Research We assess the potential market opportunities, demand analysis, target market analysis, market segmentation, to help business make strategic plans.
  • Customer Analysis We identify the target audience and their needs and factors that influence the buying decisions, breaking the customer profile to demographic profile and behavioral profile.
  • Market Risk Analysis BOP team of market analysts locate the market risks like commodity risk analysis, hedging strategy, currency risk analysis and more at macro levels.
  • Market Entry Strategy BOP carries out market research to help companies with a seamless market entry in a geography, or launch a new product analyzing the risk of failure, and market opportunities.

Benefits of BOP Market Research Services

BOP helps transforming information into powerful insights that helps clients in numerous ways. With a strategic approach to market research, BOP offers the following benefits

  • Skilled team of market research analysts from top institutes around the globe.
  • Latest research techniques and tools that ensure accurate results.
  • High-quality market research services which are both flexible and cost-effective.
  • Tailor-made research services that fit client requirements.
  • Top-of-the-class infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies that ensure data security and on time delivery.
  • Global delivery centers to ensure faster turnaround time.


BOP is Your Market Research Resource Partner

As a market research firm BOP understands information collection, management, and segregation and assures a higher ROI.

Contact BOP today for market research projects and utilize the power of information to ensure profitability.