Market Sizing Research Outsourcing to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a renowned market sizing research and analysis provider in India. We offer market size estimates for new products, including potential numbers of customers, sales volume, and revenue for a new market entry or while launching a new product to companies across the world. Our market sizing research combines market analysis, consumer insights, industry trends to help our clients to reach the potential market opportunities, assess the demand, and create marketing and sales strategies for a new market or new product and services.

BOP experts assist clients with market insights that help in determining strategic plans leading to profitable business growth. We also help in understanding the B2B market opportunities concerning volume and value that are pertinent to making informed business decisions. Whether you want thorough market research, interviews, competitor analysis, our market sizing report helps you to assess the realistic sales opportunity of the potential market segment. Outsource market sizing research services to us to get an insightful market research report.

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Market Sizing Research Skillsets at BOP

Market sizing experts at BOP offer various services on market research and sizing with the below-mentioned skillsets:

  • Expert in devising, implementing, and evaluating methods for collecting data such as surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, and polls.
  • Excellent capability of tracking and reporting industry and competitive trends that help in predicting success or failure of products and services.
  • Proficient in conducting research on specific markets, market conditions, market sizing and forecast marketing, and sales trends.
  • Highly experienced in analyzing pricing conditions and competitor analysis.
  • Total Available Market (TAM) BOP offers the overall available market (TAM) to analyze the revenue opportunity available for your product and service. We use the Tam report to make an analysis of business opportunities with a quick metric comparing with the real opportunity.
  • Served Available Market (SAM) BackOffice Pro offers served available market (SAM) to identify the market segment targeted for your product or services within your geographical reach. We provide you with insights that will help you succeed in the local market and then the global market.
  • Share of Market (SOM) BOP provides the share of market service to help you understand the percentage of the total purchase that goes to your company. This gives you an idea of whether to attain market forecast or to capture share from the competitors.

Market Sizing and Opportunity Research Services at BOP

  • Customers Analysis Our market research analysts provide consumer behavior analysis helping in making better business decisions by marketing activities site selection, direct marketing, customer relationship management.
  • Market Segmentation We offer market segmentation service to our client that includes the assessment of the existing and potential customers and dividing them into sub-groups or segments or customers based on characteristics common in them.
  • Market Research BOP offers market research services to help you identify the target market and customers, with qualitative techniques, in-depth interviews, ethnography research and focus group and quantitative techniques like secondary data analysis and customer surveys.s

Benefits of Market Sizing Research Outsourcing at BOP

BOP market sizing and opportunity comes with certain outsourcing benefits as below:

Get an assessment of the sales or profit potential of the new product markets or the customer segments.

  • Get an analysis to identify growth opportunities for the product lines and customer segments and threats.
  • Get an estimation of the potential value and impact of introducing a new product to the market segment.
  • Evaluating the effect of introducing a product to a new region or market segment.
  • Get assistance on prioritizing markets to target for roll-out and determining products and services.


Grow your Business with Our Market Sizing Research and get Insights of the Potential Market

BackOffice Pro experts gather and process market information, market feasibility analysis and, market trends, customer segmentation, and demand data, and translate these into actionable insights for sales and marketing strategies for new products and potential market. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and the scope for it. Outsource market sizing research services to us and get all outsourcing benefits.