A Venture Capital Firm in the UK Made Better Investment Decision on Agro-Market with an Accurate Feasibility Study

BackOffice Pro’s Market Research Solution

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a brewing company providing market research solutions B2B and B2C organizations around the world. Our market research analysts are knowledgeable with decades of experience in assisting in the competitor analysis, market research, financial modeling, and projections for various businesses in diverse industries. Based on our skills, an esteemed venture capital firm in the UK partnered with us for their market research requirements.


Meet the Client: A Venture Capital Firm in the UK

The client is an early-stage venture capitalist firm in the UK focused on B2B enterprises. They invest in companies with PMF and innovative software, regardless of the incorporation country of the company.

The Objectives of the Feasibility Study

The client wanted to make a better investment decision. So, they partnered with BOP to get the:

  • Feasibility study on agro-industry and the import regulations
  • Financial projection on marketing strategies and sales forecast
  • Competitor analysis, market research and government rules in the UK for importing agro-products






Client’s Requirement on Feasibility Study and Competitor Analysis

With a requirement of a feasibility study on agro products, the client was looking to partner with an outsourcing company that has expertise in market research and feasibility study, with a reliable and experienced team to deliver the expected analysis within the deadline.

Feasibility Study Solutions Offered by BOP

Once we received the requirements, we studied the scope of the work carefully and started working on it. We performed the feasibility study on agro-business and analyzed the company overview and description, company management, mission and vision, products and services, recent developments, and strategies. The second step was to examine the agro-business industry, the market dynamics and the market drivers, the opportunities, challenges, the import process in the UK, the import licenses and certifications, government rules and regulations for importing agro-products and all related requirements.

Additionally, we prepared the financial projections concerning sales forecast, marketing, and sales, operations, the overall business model, along with customer analysis for the agriculture products, pharmaceutical products, food beverages in the UK. We added the demand and supply statistics, capacity utilization of each product, commodity codes, industry SWOT, competitor analysis, market strategies, and their profiles. The client highly appreciated our reports.

Results of the Feasibility Study Solution from BOP

  • The client received an accurate competitor analysis and feasibility study
  • They Contracted with us for more ongoing projects
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Avail of Accurate Market Research and Feasibility Study for your Business

Market research and feasibility study is an essential step before making any crucial business decision while entering new market, new product launch etc. Contact us to know more about market research and feasibility study and discuss on how you can outsource your market research requirements to us.

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