Forex Market Research Outsourcing to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP), is a renowned forex market research company in India, providing a plethora of information on the forex market with our accurate forex market research service to the commercial banks, organizations, hedge fund firms, traders and investment banks. We thoroughly analyze the forex market, helping our clients to stay abreast of the evolving forex market conditions. Our forex market analysts study the market fundamentals and engage in technical analysis, including economic calendars, charting data, news feeds to analyze the current and historical forex context. Outsource forex market research services to BOP in India to get an intensive forex market picture.

BOP currency researchers offer robust forex research catering to the requirements of the currency traders and investors. We examine the changes in currency prices and identify the direction of the prices in the future. With vast experience in forex trading, banking, and financial technology, we help our clients to achieve success in the financial markets. Contact us to discuss your forex market research services in detail and how we can assist you in your business requirements.

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Forex Market Analysis Skillsets at BOP

The currency researchers at BOP provides precise FX market research insights to the clients presenting in a detailed foreign exchange market research reports. To offer forex market research services, our experts are highly skilled, possessing the below skills:

  • Expert in fundamental and technical analysis of various currency pairs
  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in creating chart pattern, candlesticks to recognize price movements
  • Proficient in calculating moving averages – simple moving averages, exponential moving averages to identify the correct entry and exit time
  • Adept knowledge in relevant derivatives and hedging products like - interest rate swaps, inflation rates, cross-currency swaps, Foreign Exchange (FX), Overnight Index Swaps (OIS), economic indicators
  • Highly experienced in currency research, analyzing forex market condition and their relationship with the factors
  • Technical analysis We analyze the past price movement data and repeated patterns to forecast the currency pair value. Our analysis helps traders to understand the price movement and the strengths and weaknesses of the currency pair.
  • Fundamental Analysis We analyze the current and future factors that affect the economy of the country, including recognizing the inflation rate, GDP, interest, and various other economic indicators. Our accurate fundamental analysis helps our clients in making correct decisions in terms of investment and forex trading.
  • Forex Sentiment Analysis As a part of the forex market research services, BOP currency researchers provide sentiment analysis to recognize the number of buyers and sellers for a currency. Our foreign exchange market research reports enable our clients to spot significant investments in currency into a concern to forecast the future sellers and expansion, the number of buyers.

Forex Market Research Outsourcing at BOP

  • Chart Pattern Creation We create charts with specific price information based on the technical analysis and the historical price movements that help in forecasting the price movements. Our chart patterns show the price movements are following specific price formation with a higher probability.
  • Moving Averages (MAs) BOP forex market analysts analyze the with the help of moving averages while at the same time identifying the support and the resistance levels. We use the two ubiquitous MAs – simple moving average (SMA) and exponential moving average (EMA) that supports the present currency prices.
  • Candlesticks We provide candlestick formation, also called price patterns, to help our clients identify the entry and exit points in the forex market. The forex candlestick from BOP helps to determine the uptrend or downtrend in the forex market, influencing them to select the right time in forex trading.

Benefits of Outsourcing Forex Market Research Services to BOP

As a well-known forex market research company, BOP provides a plethora of forex analysis services along with the following benefits:

  • Get a clear understanding of the existing connections between the forex market and the influencing factors.
  • Get the chart of the crucial indexes for each of the currency market
  • Gain a perspective of the consensus for the other market identifying other instruments that can affect the trade


Strategize Forex Trading with our Precise FX Market Research Insights

BOP believes that the best and profitable forex trading strategies can be formed with precise and accurate knowledge of the market conditions. We analyze the price movements in the local and global markets, providing deeper insights to help them in planning their next move. As a renowned forex market research company in India, BOP has a team of forex market analysts offer insights on both rising and falling prices of foreign exchange, indices, commodities, shares, to support your trading business. Contact us to know more about how you can outsource forex market research services to us and the outsourcing benefit you can avail.