Customer Analytics Outsourcing Services to India

BackOffice Pro is an eminent outsourcing service provider offering customer analysis, a critical step to make a strategic marketing plan. Our market research analysts conduct extensive research to help companies identify their target audience and their needs. We break down the customer analysis into the behavioral profile and demographic profile. Outsource customer analysis to BOP in India to get a more in-depth insight into your customers and make informed decisions.

Whether a company needs assistance on customer profiling to identify the potential customers or ascertaining their needs and factors that influence their buying decisions, or determining the relationship with existing customers, BOP has it all. Contact us to discover how we can assist you in your customer analysis requirements and get accurate results.

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Customer Data Analysis Skillsets at BOP

The BOP team of customer research analysts are highly proficient and possess vast experience. Follow our skillsets here:

  • In-depth knowledge and experience in customer profiling, demography analysis, customer segmentation.
  • Adept in market research, competitor analysis consumer needs and trends
  • Highly experienced with Salesforce and omnichannel for collecting customer data
  • Expert in customer behavior analysis, buying pattern analysis, swot analysis
  • Proven experience in making sales improvement strategies.
  • Proficient and highly skilled in performing analysis on the health of customer relationship
  • Customer Profiling BackOffice Pro customer research analysts help companies to understand their potential customers, the reason behind their purchases that eventually adds to the sales and growth of the business meeting the needs of the audience.
  • Customer DemographicsWe identify the target market segments for our clients based on age, gender, geography, etc., that are predisposed to buy your products over the competitors. Our report aids you in capitalizing on the target customer demography.
  • Customer Segmentation BackOffice Pro experts are well adept in providing customer segmentation support and segregating groups in terms of most potential, less growable, higher risk, etc., helping companies to allocate marketing budget and effort accordingly.
  • Behavioral Analysis We provide behavioral analysis that includes customer buying criteria analysis, identifying factors like price, quality, convenience, and status, that influence the buying decisions, and customers’ choice to buy the products over the competitors.

Customer Analytics Outsourcing Services BOP offers

  • Media Research BOP experts provide extensive media research service to understand consumers connected in different media, their behavior, analyze their opinion, tastes, needs, and attitude for strategizing better marketing plans.
  • SWOT Analysis Swot analysis is fundamental while performing customer analysis, and BOP helps in identifying the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your customer experience journey. We provide information and recommendations to take the advantages and eliminate the risks in the opportunities.
  • Customer Relationship Analysis We help you analyze how deep is your relationship with your existing customers, indicating the health and the progress of the relationship along the customer lifecycle, and customer experience campaigns.
  • Market Research BackOffice Pro market research analysts perform research to identify the target market and potential customers, competitor overviews, demand, consumer reviews, and more to help companies in making better business strategies.

Benefits of Customer Insights and Analysis at BOP

BackOffice Pro provides in-depth customer analysis to drive business growth accompanied by the below benefits:

  • Know the marketing channels that might bring the highest value customers in terms of order size, retention rate, and profitability
  • Get a clear understanding of your budget and allocate marketing costs efficiently.
  • Identify the common denominators among the lost customers and get early warnings of your customers dropping your brand.
  • Know the factors that influence sales, both positively and negatively, and the factors that affect customer profitability.
  • Get greater customer retention and loyalty with better business decision


Acquire and Retain Customers with BOP’s Customer Analysis Support

With BackOffice Pro, clients get a deeper insight into the potential customers and market segments. It helps in determining consumer behavior, making appropriate marketing strategies to grab the attention of the right customer, and leading to higher sales-driving business growth. Outsource customer sales analysis to BOP and witness a rise in your sales. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and avail of the offshoring benefits from BOP.