Outsource Primary Market Research

BackOffice Pro (BOP) provides reliable and cost-effective support for research companies looking for primary market research solutions. With skilled market research analysts or end-to-end market research consultation solutions, BOP helps organizations dealing with a high influx of market research projects. Being an experienced service provider and a long-term outsourcing partner to many satisfied clients, BOP ensures to meet the quality parameters as well as tight deadlines.

Our teams of market research specialists use a variety of primary market research methods including interviews, social media monitoring, test marketing, surveys, focus groups, on-site research, etc. to empower our clients with the most accurate business insights. At BOP, we pride ourselves on being thorough in our approach and following a transparent process.

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BOP’s Primary Market Research Skillsets

BOP’s diverse team of analysts helps clients in gathering exploratory and specific information, providing the knowledge required to make informed and clever decisions. Our team is equipped with a broad range of highly sought-after skillsets:

  • Degrees in Marketing, Business, Statistics, and other industry-specific fields.
  • Extensive expertise in the methodologies of cultural and trend analysis, including both qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Experienced in using a variety of quantitative methods including descriptive statistics, choice-based modeling, clustering, and segmentation.
  • Experienced in the use of qualitative methods, including focus groups, interviews, observation, shop-along, and ethnographies.
  • Vast experience with strategic and critical thinking skills, and knowledge of scenario planning, trends, and strategic foresight.
  • Well-versed in the use of data mining via social listening platforms and research tools including industry standard tools such as Sysomos, Netbase, Radian 6, Crimson Hex, Mintel, MRI, and Simmons.
  • A strong understanding of cultural and trend analytics, as well as the skills required to present chunks of data into actionable marketing information.
  • Experienced in the using programming languages commonly used for data manipulation and computational statistics, including Python, R, Matlab, C++, Java or Go.
  • Skilled in the collection of quantitative and qualitative primary data across several industries, including Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Mobile, Telecommunication, Entertainment, Media, and Consumer Goods.
  • Computer-Assisted Web Surveys (CAWI) Our media-rich questionnaires contain digital assets including pictures, audio, and video clips. These surveys are launched in a way that makes them completely customizable with the flow of each questionnaire based on information previously acquired about the participant.
  • In-depth Interviews During these interview sessions, we create a setting that allows us to capture detailed and descriptive information about the interviewees’ attitudes, viewpoints, and behaviors.
  • Online Experience Analysis By using the mystery-shopper method, our teams assist in evaluating brands and their competitors. Our side-by-side evaluations allow for in-depth analysis of various types of products, services, and online experiences.

Primary Market Research Services We Offer

  • Online Focus Groups Our online focus groups are managed and monitored via the web-based virtual chat room. Each session is monitored closely, and accurate transcriptions of the recorded interactions are used to build detailed reports.
  • Market Research Observation We have both reactive and non-reactive online observation projects in our repertoire. Our teams make sure to capture and record observation data accurately.
  • Test Marketing Support When introducing a new product in the market, we determine the perfect sample group of the market to assess customers’ reactions to the product. This helps in providing the additional insights to further improve the product before the actual launch.

Benefits of BOP Primary Market Research Services

In addition to our quality of service, the proven track record of accurate results, and commitment to client satisfaction, outsourcing primary market research projects to BOP offers the following benefits:

  • Outsourcing primary market research to BOP ensures a completely non-biased, 100% impartial result.
  • We lift the burden of maintaining demanding sets of resources (media monitoring, interview results, data collection, database management, etc.) ensuring that our clients have access to any information whenever they need.
  • Our transparent work process and communication policies ensure that clients are kept abreast of all developments as the project progresses.
  • With our extended team, we support short and long-term projects of any size and scope. Additionally, we have the resources required to manage multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Having delivered hundreds of primary market research projects, we have streamlined our process to deliver high-quality market insights every time with each project.


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