Outsource Qualitive Market Research

With a skilled workforce of professional researchers, BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers to work as the back-office support on any qualitative market research requirements. BOP balances the usage of statistical tools and reliable methodologies to provide the much-needed assistance that market research firms require to keep up with an increased workload.

Backed by years of experience and driven by quality, BOP helps market research companies with skilled analysts or end-to-end project consultations along with an option to customize the engagement model.

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BOP’s Qualitive Market Research Skillsets

Our team has an extensive knowledge of qualitative market research techniques and industry practices. Our hands-on experience across geographies and industries is unparalleled.

BOP’s market research professionals hold some of the most diverse skill sets, including:

  • Graduate and master’s degrees in Marketing, Business Administration, Market Research, and Operations Research.
  • Strong understanding of the qualitative research process including logistics, design, execution, and implications.
  • Experienced in the key functional areas of market research, including the design and analysis of primary market research and secondary data.
  • Well-versed in research techniques including ethnography, field studies, interviews, usability studies, concept validation, surveys, scorecards, and competitive analysis.
  • Experienced in the use of product research activities including market analysis, workshops, observational research, user journey mapping, scenario creation, target audience segmentation, etc.
  • Moderation experience on various qualitative market research methods, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, tele-depth interviews, and participation and observation techniques.
  • Adept at research using in person, phone, and online channels, with a strong emphasis on large-scale online methods.
  • Ability to conduct related quantitative research, using SAS, SPSS or similar statistical packages.
  • Well-versed in the use of business analytics and database management tools, including SAS, Excel, and Tableau.
  • Expert in using advanced survey tools such as Qualtrics and Site-Intercept.
  • Pre-Research Services We offer support in the identification and shaping of qualitative research engagements, as well as the creation of customized discussion guides. Along with identifying and developing suitable techniques to address clients' research objectives, we create frameworks and point-of-view documents on key qualitative MR issues.
  • Web-Based Surveys Our custom, media-rich interactive surveys are set for accurate data collection via our client’s preferred channels. We distribute these questionnaires via email, dedicated landing pages, and survey websites.
  • Online Focus Groups We monitor and manage focus groups via web-based virtual chat rooms. This service includes moderation, project hosting, recording, transcriptions, and reporting. Also, our online focus group service is available in multiple languages.

Qualitative Market Research Services We Offer

  • In-Depth Interviews We design one-on-one interviews that delve deep into the buying behavior of a customer. We have made this time-consuming process simple making it easier for both interviewee and client. Our state-of-the-art online conferencing and recording infrastructure contributes to the building of extensive primary data resources for our clients.
  • Market Research Observation We manage online observation projects, both active and non-reactive, with a special focus on online product usability, ethnography studies, e-commerce consumer journey and user experience.
  • Online Research Support Our full support is available to clients who want to take charge of specific parts of the research process. We offer technical analysts to conduct research, manage samples, pre-recruit respondents, and attend research sessions, providing support as needed.

Benefits of BOP Quantitative Market Research Services

Following are some of the key benefits of outsourcing quantitative market research projects to BOP:

  • Valuable for fast-paced industries, quantitative research is used as a monitoring mechanism.
  • We help businesses frees up time that would otherwise be spent managing the quantitative data collection from disparate sources such as government statistics and business organizations
  • Maintaining a complex system of top-shelf tools and resources, our clients benefit from our expertise and systems
  • Small research agencies can benefit outsourcing specialized tasks such as data aggregation and manipulation to us, without requiring to scaling up the internal team.
  • We offer dedicated resources to work as a virtual team member, or full teams of researchers, data technicians and project managers to manage end-to-end quantitative research projects.
  • Our secure translation ecosystem, centralized work-flows, audit trail, and data protection are designed to ensure top-level information security. Additionally, all our interpreters are required to sign strict NDA’s to ensure the privacy of our clients.
  • Working on a pay per hour package, with FTEs, or delivering dedicated teams on a long-term basis, BackOffice Pro is dedicated to cultivating long-term business relationships.


If you would like to inquire about our Quantitative Market Research Services, Contact us today, and one of our business development managers will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements in detail.