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BackOffice Pro is India’s leading outsourcing partner for the healthcare industry providing healthcare market research services. Our highly experienced healthcare market research analysts assist healthcare firms across the world with the market reports required to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the healthcare industry.

Our services help healthcare organizations establish a solid foothold in the market. We are highly adept at various services within the medical market research segment, including branding and positioning studies, competitor analysis, healthcare market segmentation, patient satisfaction research, and more. Outsource healthcare market research to India to help your healthcare firm increase efficiency while focusing on core operations.

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Healthcare Market Research Expert Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro’s analysts are backed by years of expertise in health market research. Our researchers are equipped with the following skillsets:

  • Highly experienced in Pharmaceutical research and in-depth knowledge of the Healthcare Industry.
  • Well-versed in conducting both primary and secondary research to develop persuasive insights for the healthcare market segment.
  • Highly proficient in qualitative research with clinical and industry experts, providing detailed information to bolster decision-making processes.
  • Extremely adept at developing accurate and detailed research studies, surveys, and statistical analysis of health care providers or plans.
  • Deeper insights into research methodologies related to physicians, nurses, KOLs, MCOs/ payers, and patients.
  • Exceptionally competent in employing statistical techniques required to work with large datasets that measure healthcare plans, providers, or performance.
  • An aptitude for the conceptualizations, design, and development, and data visualizations that assist decision-makers with the more complex choices related to healthcare product development.
  • A strong background in working with several different patient research methodologies and the ability to identify the trends, needs, and opportunities for new or updated healthcare products, devices, and services.
  • Highly experienced in KOL (Key Opinion Leader) identification, mapping, and profiling, helping to secure the success factor of any healthcare product throughout its lifecycle.
  • Highly experienced in the detail-oriented processes related to physician, patient, and employee satisfaction research.
  • Healthcare Branding and Positioning Studies BOP provides thorough and effective branding research services to the healthcare industry, assessing their position and gap and showcasing their products and services.
  • Assess Healthcare Local Competition Our analysts offer key insights into the competitive landscape, the market scenario, and taking a closer look at the main players in the field.
  • Identify the Scale of Opportunities in Healthcare Products and Services With advanced tools and skillsets at our disposal, BOP can delve deeper into the possible opportunities for new and improved healthcare products and services.
  • Emerging Regulations in the Healthcare Industry Our access to highly sensitive information, long-standing connections with industry experts, give us insights into any burgeoning healthcare regulations to help healthcare firms conduct their business smoothly.
  • Patient Value Propositions BOP’s patient value proposition services provide valuable information that helps patients understand their healthcare options and the associated costs, as well as the associated benefits
  • New Healthcare Product Development Research BOP healthcare market research analysts help firms understand their target audience and provide key data on precisely what customers are looking for, which helps in the pre-product launch phase.
  • Healthcare Market Assessment and Segmentation With advanced technologies and resources, we help healthcare firms get a clear idea about the market they operate in, detailed data regarding consumer behavior, psychographics, demographics, customer needs, and more.
  • Healthcare Audience Research Our team design and implement a carefully curated pre-research process that discovers the target healthcare audience before commencing the official primary and secondary research process.

Healthcare Market Research Services BOP Offers

  • KOL Research With a large repository of continuously updated sources, we can conduct detailed KOL research. By identifying physicians who influence their peers, we gain crucial insights into the development of industry-leading pharmaceutical services and products.
  • Patient Satisfaction Research Healthcare organizations require key insights into patients’ perception of products and services. This fuels their ability to improve their offerings to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Healthcare Community Image and Awareness Research We research to determine community awareness and perception of the products and services offered by any particular healthcare organization. Our services help healthcare brands stay top-of-mind.
  • Advertising Testing and Effectiveness Research BOP’s advertising testing research determines ad effectiveness is based on consumer responses, feedback, and behavior. We conduct this market research to monitor campaign performance over time.
  • Physician Satisfaction Research We provide physician satisfaction research services to gauge physician and patient relationships and to discover how physicians feel about the efficacy of certain pharmaceutical products.
  • Employee Satisfaction and Feedback Research BOP analysts, help healthcare organizations gather valuable feedback from employees to discover their pain points and to improve workplace conditions and company culture.
  • Healthcare Communications Concept Testing BOP’s communication concept testing services evaluate the intentions and attitudes of customers towards the healthcare firm’s outreach process and offer advice on how to adjust your communication approach.

Outsourcing Healthcare Market Research Services to India - Benefits at BOP

Outsourcing your healthcare market research services to BackOffice Pro means that you can focus on the core competencies of your business while we handle your overflow tasks. The many benefits of working with us include:

  • Get valuable insights into the competitive landscape, to Create the Exact Health Services/Products based on the requirements of the target audience.
  • Get the best patient feedback and behavior evaluation to determine the “marketing mix.”
  • Understand patient needs through better insights and fill the gap in the healthcare market.
  • Stand Out Amidst Convergence & Competition with our detailed research services.
  • Launch successful healthcare products with advanced product & service development insights.
  • Discover cultural, structural, and environmental influences on health and healthcare in the target market and align with your audience.
  • Equips your healthcare firm with an in-depth understanding of healthcare policies and regulations in your as well as different countries.


Outsource Healthcare Market Research to Establish a Solid Foothold in the Healthcare Industry

Outsourcing healthcare market research to a company like BackOffice Pro provides healthcare firms with a wide array of benefits. Our research specialists are well-versed in the skills required to conduct detailed, accurate market research and give you valuable inputs on market trends, market needs, gaps, reviews and more.

Reach out to us to discover how our teams can help you launch new healthcare products or services or improve on what you already offer.