Outsourcing Quantitative Market Research Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) with a global team of quantitative market research specialists leverages proven tools and survey methodologies to provide statistical inferences to market research agencies. BOP offers to operate as a back-office support for research firms looking to lighten their workload and improve their overall delivery process within a cost-effective price range.

Providing both flexibility and scalability, BackOffice Pro’s professional team offers several years of experience in picking the right sample of the target market and conducting quantitative market research. With our proven structured data collection techniques and analysis, we enable businesses to access the information required to make smart, fact-based decisions.

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BOP’s Quantitative Market Research Skillsets

BackOffice Pro’s team of market research analysts work with companies around the world, offering valuable insights and expertise. Our range of skill sets include:

  • Extensive knowledge of economics, statistics, and decision science focusing on marketing research techniques and analysis.
  • With a minimum of 3 years of industry experience focused on data collection, analytics, and data science.
  • Experienced in programming languages commonly used for data manipulation, computational statistics, and analytical programming languages, such as Python, R, SAS, VBA, Matlab, C++, Java, Go, SQL, and Lingo, etc.
  • Working experience in research across industries including Pharma and Healthcare, Telecom, Construction and Development, Manufacturing and FMCG.
  • Proficient in all aspects of quantitative research, including solution design & development, statistical modeling, quality assurance and testing, data visualization, data understanding, analytical techniques, data interpretation and insight analysis.
  • Experienced in creating efficient processes for extracting, integrating, transforming, and modeling data to derive useful information
  • Experienced with predictive modeling, statistical and financial analyses, data mining, optimization and similar data-driven business solutions.
  • Familiar with a variety of research methodologies such consumer panel, linear or logistic regression, pricing, econometric and forecasting analytics.
  • Quantitative Questionnaires and Surveys We help in collecting primary data on client audiences by developing, testing, and deploying targeted questionnaires, managing results and performing advanced quantitative analytics.
  • Macroeconomics Reports Our analysts assist in analyzing macroeconomic factors on both global and local level, research teams review sovereign debt levels, economic growth, interest rates and employment data to unveil consumer and citizen trust trends.
  • Strategic Planning Support BOP offers to utilize quantitative research, and proven statistical models and studies to create economic and market forecast, suggest strategic options, and evaluate proposed strategies.
  • Data Analysis We employ relevant quantitative data techniques to manage datasets from all sources including the web, open data platforms, proprietary data from our clients, and primary data collected online and utilizes data mining, data aggregation and validation to uncover trends and test models.

Quantitative Market Research Services We Offer

  • Reports and Presentations We translate information into numbers, and then into comprehensive reports and presentations, out of the data gathered from social networks, media files, online content, customer interactions, and trending discussion topics on the web, etc.
  • Media Monitoring We design monitoring mechanisms that generate valuable quantitative insight over time by focusing our service on social media accounts, industry actors, and online interaction.
  • Report Series We develop custom report series for the clients focused on specific industries, markets, and niches. We set clear guidelines and update the reports and datasets periodically.

Benefits of BOP Quantitative Market Research Service

The benefits of our online research services are multifarious. On outsourcing online research projects Outsourcing online research projects to BOP, organizations can avail our unparalleled quality of service, accurate results, and commitment to timely delivery along with the following benefits:

  • Valuable for fast-paced industries, quantitative research is used as a monitoring mechanism.
  • We help businesses frees up time that would otherwise be spent managing the quantitative data collection from disparate sources such as government statistics and business organizations
  • Maintaining a complex system of top-shelf tools and resources, our clients benefit from our expertise and systems
  • Small research agencies can benefit outsourcing specialized tasks such as data aggregation and manipulation to us, without requiring to scaling up the internal team.
  • We offer dedicated resources to work as a virtual team member, or full teams of researchers, data technicians and project managers to manage end-to-end quantitative research projects.
  • Our secure translation ecosystem, centralized work-flows, audit trail, and data protection are designed to ensure top-level information security. Additionally, all our interpreters are required to sign strict NDA’s to ensure the privacy of our clients.
  • Working on a pay per hour package, with FTEs, or delivering dedicated teams on a long-term basis, BackOffice Pro is dedicated to cultivating long-term business relationships.


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