Outsource Market Research Assistance Services

BackOffice Pro is an outsourcing partner in India for the research survey market. We provide a wide array of marketing research survey services to various sectors like insurance companies, banks, and advertising companies, and more. We provide back office assistance that is tailor-made to streamline market analysis, and enhance your business with information on customer inclination. As an outsourcing partner, we ensure that your surveys makes the best possible impact, for all parties involved, both in the information provided, and the data collected.

Whether you require market research surveys because you are launching a new product/service or enhancing an existing one, or a new entry into the market, or customer reviews, knowing the investment potentials and buying capacities of the customers, BackOffice Pro is here to assist. We provide market survey support to companies to bring out data on requirements, expectations and characteristics of the target audience.

So give us a call today, and let us assist you in making your market research survey highly effective leading you to a better informed decision.

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Market Research Survey Skillsets at BOP

We are highly experienced in market research surveys, and possess all necessary skills pertaining to them. Our team’s highly sought-after skills include:

  • Experience with statistical and analytical survey instruments, including protocols and relevant procedures and research principles
  • Ability to create industry-specific survey questionnaires to fit respondent-friendly requirements, and all leading programming formats
  • Experience with online survey platforms like Survey Monkey, SurveyGizmo etc
  • Advanced skills in performing data reduction, market research data analysis, and interpretation of results, for the best outcome
  • Advanced skills in performing data reduction, any required statistical analysis of data, and interpretation of results, for the best project completions.
  • Expert skills in use of customer satisfaction tools, such as: Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and more.
  • Product Surveys BOP team provides new product and concept testing survey templates, that include questions to gain insight into specific products and concepts. Our Market research experts design these survey questions to help analyze which product or feature works best on the market.
  • Customer Feedback SurveysFeedback surveys can be given to the customers, and the answers can be analyzed and used to know the rooms for improvements. We help you to analyze these feedback and device better strategies.
  • Segmentation Surveys These types of surveys are used to identify who your customer base is and who is not and the reason behind it. BOP helps you to get the accurate market share analysis to get the correct picture around your product in the market.
  • Purchase Analysis Surveys BOP assists you in purchase analysis survey to help you in understanding what motivates your customer to purchase a product. This is a key component when trying to understand customer conversion, commitment, and loyalty.
  • Customer Attitudes and Expectations Surveys BOP’s pool of experts helps you with customer attitude and expectation survey to determine whether a product meets customer expectations and their attitude towards a specific product or company enabling you to better decision making.
  • Retention Analysis Surveys These types of surveys can be helpful when dealing with high-priced consumer goods that require a long decision to purchase. It helps to establish the depth of consumer attitudes towards these types of products, and the process behind their decision to purchase.
  • New Product Acceptance and Demand Surveys (Conjoint Analysis) These surveys are used for establishing the demand for new products that have been developed in drawing or concept, but have yet to be made physically. They give an idea of the market potential for these, or alternative products.

Market Research Assistance Services Offered by Back Office Pro

  • Product Fulfillment SurveysThese surveys determine whether customer’s expectations from advertisements, packaging, and appearance have been fulfilled by the actual product. BOP assists you in the product fulfillment survey to fetch the best data out of it.
  • Survey Designs Survey designs determine the quality of the research. Having worked in the industry for more than a decade, we create customized market survey designs to bring out maximum insights.
  • Survey Questionnaire We focus on the core requirements and use accurate questionnaire formats to drive the accurate response. It helps in better data analysis and interpretation leading better decisions meeting the objectives.
  • Survey Programming Using survey software, we provide optimal survey programming services by translating all your survey requirements into a questionnaire. This helps in easy data collection, creating comprehensive reports and analytics leading to better business decisions.
  • Survey Hosting To not only provide quality end products but also the possibility of growth, we provide survey hosting facilities enabling our clients to realize their marketing potential administering their own surveys.
  • Survey Data Analysis and Statistical Services We provide a comprehensive survey data analysis for market surveys across all industries. Be it a new product launch or a consumer survey, we aid you in better decision making with accurate survey data analysis.
  • Survey Quota Management To ensure an effective survey return, we provide precise quota management services to any data collection, whether including or excluding certain information points or installing an automatic survey cut off mark or start time.

Benefits of Outsourcing Market Research Assistance Services to Back Office Pro

By outsourcing market research survey to our team at BackOffice Pro, you get benefits, including:

  • BackOffice Pro team has a solid understanding of the demand and supply chain for all target markets. We, therefore, assist you in developing customer-centric products and features with the help of market research surveys.
  • BackOffice Pro assists in getting data from the target market through market research, conducted through market surveys and segmentation. With BOP you can creating solid, well-thought-out, long-term marketing plans.
  • BackOffice Pro helps you to establish what the target audience is expecting from a specific product. You can easily adapt to any changes in customer needs with the analysis of the market research survey.
  • Before launching a new product, get the best support from BackOffice Pro to understand the best way of testing new products and services and the scope of the success of a new product, according to the feedback received from the survey.
  • BackOffice Pro helps in establishing accurate customer demographics through core market survey. You can use this analysis to determine the customer preferences on your product and services.


Making your Mark Through Marketing Research Surveys

At BackOffice Pro, we strive to embody professionalism through flexibility, accuracy, and excellence. Each of our market research experts, provides a high level of adaptability and industry capability, regardless of the type of survey you need, the size, or timeline involved. We provide a precise data analysis to ensure your business surveys not only increase your project parameters but set a president for your company’s plans for both short term and long-term goals.

If you need a professional to outsource market research surveys, look no further, contact one of our professionals today.